Curves, Cutouts And Celestial Drama Take Over This Dreamy Bridal Wear Boutique

  • 27 Feb '24
  • 10:42 am by Sana Chohan

Draped in bridal dreams, welcoming with a carpet rolled out to another world, Mahima Mahajan’s expansive New Delhi boutique unfolds its grandeur over 4,000 square feet. Glistening in dichroic shadows reflected on graceful silhouettes, this pristine ethnic-wear boutique is a haven for the modern woman seeking a departure from the contemporary. Featuring formal whimsy for upscale events to exuberantly stylish options, the clothing collections span from lehenga-style sarees and bridal lehengas to Indian bridesmaid dresses and desi outfits–each intricately woven with a distinct identity. 

Drawing inspiration from the Milky Way, the store is adorned with organic curves, contemporary cutouts, and a subdued colour palette. (Image Credits: Suryan and Dang)

While the garments take a graceful turn on modernity, the body of the store designed by Anica Kochhar of Phenotype Architecture Studio, transcends earthly boundaries. Inspired by the moon landing, the U-shaped layout of the store spread across two floors transforms into a portal to an otherworldly destination punctuated with bursts of celestial hues. Marrying femininity and futurism, the interiors indulge in a joyous celebration of a fantasy world like no other. 

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The dichroic film, filling voids within the walls, introduces a captivating dance of reflection and bursts of colour. (Image Credits: Suryan and Dang)

The lower level, dedicated to pret collections, welcomes visitors into an arcade of dichroic film, instantly transporting them to another dimension. Reflecting the mesmerising phenomenon of the aurora borealis and the Milky Way, the designer uses dichroic film to introduce a play of reflection, refraction, and bursts of colour, complementing Mahima’s bold experimentation with hues in her collections. The display racks are interspersed with islands for accessories and the circuit on the pret floor culminates in the checkout counter with two dressing rooms behind it. The enveloping walls gracefully adorned with curvilinear cutouts, mirrors, and gold-finished hardware, gently nudge the boutique further into an ethereal dimension.

The custom-designed furniture pieces by Phenotype Architecture Studio elevate the lounge area into a sanctuary of contemporary sophistication. (Image Credits: Suryan and Dang)

Ascending to the upper level, dedicated to exclusive bridal couture, the layout maintains its allure. The checkout counter is replaced by Mahajan’s personalized lounge, fostering intimate interactions with clients for custom wedding pieces. The U-shaped site’s narrow width creates a tubular illusion, contrasted by a monolithic fluid system that effortlessly draws one deeper into the store. The space seamlessly unfolds with sinuous curves, revealing a captivating terrain ahead.

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The meticulously designed lighting fixtures, organic mirrors and strategically placed dichroic films among the display racks introduce an engaging visual element. (Image Credits: Suryan and Dang)

Natural light floods through wide windows, refracting off dichroic surfaces, casting a brilliant spectrum over the stunning bridalwear displays, akin to an underwater museum of light. The dynamic light fixture custom-designed by Phenotype Architecture Studio, and fabricated by Infinity Lighting Solutions spotlights the lounge area. The bespoke furniture also designed by Phenotype Architecture Studio with sensual curves, clean lines, and organic forms reveals a future-forward contemporary setting that further propels customers into the intricate tapestry of Mahima Mahajan’s craft.

As natural light floods the space, the interplay of refraction and bursts of colour complements Mahima’s exploration of hues in her collections. (Image Credits: Suryan and Dang)

The subdued shell of the store, interspersed with unexpected reflections across the colour wheel offers an immersive experience that prompts visitors to question the world they have entered—a world where bridal dreams materialize in an alternate dimension.