Curved Walls, Fluid Design, And Monochromatic Tones Form The Perfect Backdrop For This Ahmedabad Jewellery Boutique

  • 12 Oct '23
  • 1:34 pm by Schenelle Dsouza

Boutiques and showrooms often make it a point to over-accentuate their interiors to provide shoppers with a glamorous experience. But there’s nothing like a classic, minimalist space for something as bespoke as jewellery. And Zaura Fine Jewels’ new minimalist boutique portrays the perfect blank canvas for their exquisite jewellery collections.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Zaura Fine Jewels’ new boutique is a collaborative effort between R+R Architects and Apical Reform Studio. The boutique focuses on the concept of the display, where the brand’s fine jewellery collection is the hero, and the surrounding landscape – is a mere canvas for projection. Urvi Patel – the founder and designer of Zaura Fine Jewels, employs dainty, filigree designs, painted in vibrant hues for her jewellery pieces that shine beautifully against the deep, monochromatic interiors of the boutique.

The monochromatic design acts as a blank canvas for the bespoke jewellery.
(Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)

Amrish Patel – the Creative Director of Apical Reform Studio understands the theatricality associated with designing a luxury retail space. In the realm of jewellery, Patel stresses the importance of designing a space that highlights the jewellery rather than overshadows it. “For items like dainty rings and necklaces, the display becomes paramount, and the surrounding aesthetics must complement, not compete,” says Amrish Patel.

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The minimalist interiors allow the dainty jewellery pieces to shine bright. (Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)

This understanding reinforces the designer’s vision for a theatrical meets monochrome boutique that reflects Zaura’s brand ethos. Since nature is a source of inspiration for the boutique’s jewellery pieces, organic forms of nature seemed like the perfect theme for the boutique. As a result, the eroded stone caves served as inspiration for the showroom and are dictated by an organic, fluid design with sculpted walls leading the way forward.

The walls use a plywood base, shaped using digital fabrication methods to create a fluid design that invokes the essence of organic eroded forms. (Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)

The walls were created using a plywood base and shaped using digital fabrication methods. It was vital to mirror the organic erosion of nature over time to stay true to the theme. The aged lime plaster look is achieved using a combination of glass, metal, and fibreglass.

The grey colour palette adds to the authenticity of the theme as does the bespoke rock-inspired elements which serve as ornamental detailing that heightens the stone cave aesthetic. These are scattered throughout the boutique and serve different purposes in different sections including podiums to showcase the ornate jewellery, plinths to support a table, and so on.

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Intricate rock elements painted in the soft grey act as podiums to display the jewellery pieces. (Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)

The single-floor boutique spans 1600 sq. ft. and is well-organized so that customers can navigate seamlessly. The store is divided between a lounge area and a show area where customers can browse the latest collections; these rooms are connected in an open layout which allows shoppers to move from one section to the next. The lounge area breaks the monotony of textures with soft carpets, plush upholstery, and a mirror with rock details attached to it. Everything from the plinths to the furniture and décor was designed in-house.

Resting upon a plinth, the table was custom-made to integrate with the store’s interior seamlessly. (Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)

The overall design is a testament to the power of simplicity in luxury. The boutique showcases a thoughtful approach to design while stressing the importance of well-matched aesthetics without taking away from Zaura’s jewellery collections. By utilizing the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, combined with organic forms, the designer curates an environment that invites patrons to not just view but also experience the brand’s essence.

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The bathroom is a blend of organic forms, ambient lighting and premium fittings from Kohler which ensures a continuity of the store’s organic experience. (Image Credits: Ishi Sitwala, The Fishy Project)