digital design week, 2020

In an endeavour to navigate the new normal, Design Pataki is hosting the first Digital Design Week 2020 for Design, Art and Architecture from the 27th of April to the 1st of May, 2020 in India.

This is set to be a five-day virtual design festival packed with live conversations with leading architects and designers, art and styling workshops, design quizzes and webinars. From discussions on changes in the design world to advice for homegrown brands, the topics covered will be relevant and insightful.

From Zoom calls to Instagram lives – amidst a global lockdown, virtual connections have been stronger than ever. Our aim with the Digital Design Week is to create a platform to foster communication, share ideas and celebrate design in a manner coherent with the changing times.

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Designers Giving Back — Ashiesh Shah in Conversation with Esha Gupta

Award-winning architect and interior designer Ashiesh Shah talks about the plight of artisan communities, the importance of valuing the handmade, and how indigenous art and craft can be uplifted through the lens of contemporary design. In the same vein, he throws lights on the India Design Fund, an initiative that brings together voices from the design industry in a bid to collaborate and support those vital groups like migrant labourers and craftsmen facing uncertainties in these trying times.

Global Design Disruption in the Post-COVID World — Instagram Live with Krupa Zubin of ZZ Architects and Esha Gupta

Krupa Zubin, one half of the renowned architectural and interior design firm ZZ Architects, talks about the journey she and her husband and partner Zubin Zainuddin embarked on when they established their practice many years ago. She shares the highs and lows and several anecdotes about watershed moments experienced as young architects in the early days. In this In this freewheeling conversation, she also gives out tons of inspiration to young designers who might be on the path to establishing their own practices.

The Design Industry Hitting Reset — Instagram Live with Rajshree Pathy and Esha Gupta

We start off this conversation with Rajshree Pathy, co-founder of the India Design Forum, on a very compelling note: What led this entrepreneur to launch India Design Forum? Rajshree takes us through her childhood, one in which she was surrounded by modern design pieces. Thereafter, she moves on to talk about how her passion for design and the need to bring young practitioners together led her to the present. She addresses vital issues like the importance of government policy and a revitalised design education system, alongside recognising our Indian sensibilities and opting for fluid thinking when it comes to creativity.

Creating Unforgettable Designs and Signature Brand Identities — Stefano Giovannoni in Conversation with Esha Gupta

The legendary Italian designer and founder of Qeeboo breaks down his approach to product design as he takes us through some of his most unforgettable creations. He talks about rampant plagiarism in the industry; after all, his design of the Bombo stool is one of the most copied designs in the world. Finally, he leaves viewers with take-aways infused with positivity — such as what young designers can do to build a unique brand that fuses their own identity and voice.

Design That Inspires — Richard Hutten in Conversation with Esha Gupta

At home, all the way in Rotterdam, the incredible product designer Richard Hutten tunes into this live conversation to share his views on the direction design is likely to take in the aftermath of the pandemic. He walks us through some of his most iconic designs, too, like the Dombo mug and Cloud Chair, and the importance of embracing the circular economy.

Indian Craftsmanship In The New Normal — Instagram Live with Ayush Kasliwal

In this thought-provoking conversation, the pioneer of Indian handcrafted designer Ayush Kasliwal of Anantaya Décor delves deep into the glorious world of Indian crafts and the true worth of the artisan-driven industry. He stresses on the need to go out there and actually experience craft villages, besides giving other invaluable advice to students and young designers.

Creating Fantasy Botanical Arrangements, A Workshop by Priyanka Shah, Digital Design Week, 2020

Create Fantasy Botanicals, join set stylist and fantasy botanist Priyanka Shah as she takes us through the art of creating botanical arrangements using the plants at home.
Materials required –
1. Scissors
2. Glue
3. Leaves/flowers/stems
4. Coaster/dish/belljar (optional)

Exploring Modern Mandalas with Samanta Batra

Join artist Samanta Batra as she reinterprets mandala art using simple household objects.
Materials needed –
1. Paper
2. Pencil
3. Eraser
4. Ruler
5. A small plate
6. A few bottle caps of different sizes

Digital Design Week, 2020 - Watercolour workshop with U.S. based art Joya Mukerjee Logue

Reinterpreting Flowers – Join artist Joya Mukerjee Logue in a watercolour workshop inspired by historical botanical motifs.
Materials needed –
1. Inspiration from nature
2. Sketch pencil, kneaded eraser
3. Watercolor paper
4. Watercolor paint /pigment
5. Watercolor brush
6. Palette for mixing or adding water to pigment
7. Paper towel
8. Masking tape

Introduction To Copperplate Calligraphy With Renowned Letter Artist Paul Antonio

The Basics of Copperplate, join world-renowned letter artist Paul Antonio as he takes us through the best way to approach writing in the copperplate script.
Materials needed –
1. Pascribe grid (available as a free PDF on (
2. Layout paper
3. Straight holder with a Hunt 22B nib/Gillott 303 nib

Design Pataki X Node Workshops presents a Webinar on The Essentials of Hospitality Design With Rahul Shankhwalker, Studio HBA

Rahul Shankhwalker of Studio HBA dives deep into the world of hospitality design as talks about a singular project, the Grand Park Koddhiparu in the Maldives. How does one design a hotel on a private island in a place where nothing exists? Where there is no context but for the sandbars and with only the ocean as far as the eye can see? Facilitated by Node Workshops, this webinar is not only insightful but also eye-opening for designers and design enthusiasts alike, as Shankhwalker takes us through the ins and outs of this hotel’s stunning design elements.