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Contemporizing Indian Craft Forms With Vikram Goyal

Vikram Goyal is a design pioneer in contemporising traditional Indian motifs. He is the founder of Viya Home, a Delhi-based design and production studio that offers a range of luxury handcrafted products. Committed to the preservation of artisan practices and the country’s cultural heritage, he employed craft methods that are centuries old, once patronized by royal families. Much like his products, his interior design endeavors are hailed as ‘inhabitable works of art’

Here are a few things we discuss with him –

You work primarily with brass, can you tell us what draws you to the material?

Is there any new material you are working with, or that has drawn your attention?

Are there any Indian forms and motifs that are trending in the global market?

How can designers and consumers be a part of the movement to make sure these art and craft forms don’t go extinct?

 “These skills aren’t learned in school, they’re passed on from generation to generation”  -Vikram Goyal