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Floating Canvas Company

Floating Canvas Company is an art- and design-based start-up that offers curated digital art, photographs, limited edition prints, paintings and mixed media art by young contemporary artists. Established in 2017, it is one of India’s first art-on-subscription services, making art both accessible and affordable. Floating Canvas Company also extends its services to corporate offices and establishments like hotels, restaurants and coworking spaces. Its diverse clientele includes Mumbai’s iconic Raj Bhavan, CoWrks Worli, Doolally Taproom and The White Crow Books & Coffee.

In their effort to showcase more art in new places and for diverse audiences, the brand launched The Art Menu to bring art to eateries across Mumbai and Pune. Restaurants have the option to switch their art on a regular basis to bring in the gallery experience and share more artists and artworks. Most recently, Floating Canvas Company also launched a design vertical on its platform called CURIO that offers hand-picked, limited-edition collectibles by some of the most innovative artists practising today, such as Arvind Sundar, Anand Radhakrishnan and SAGE. An ideal meeting point for new-age artists and collectors, CURIO intends to redefine the collectibles space through curation, collaborations and craftsmanship.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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