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Fusion Access

Conceived as a custom-design and furniture making boutique in 1997, Fusion Access brings the utmost level of precision and craftsmanship to every piece it makes. The company works closely with interior designers and architects; continuously learning, innovating and honing their skills in furniture construction, while translating the most unique design concepts into personalized furniture.
Fusion Access creates a beautiful synergy between traditional craftsmanship and bespoke modern design. Their product development skills, attention to detail, and high quality materials gives them an edge over their competitors.
Fusion Access houses its showroom, factory, design and digital studios all under one roof. Incorporating technology into the business, Fusion Access has also developed an online system that helps designers, brands and customers seamlessly work together. Their platform lets one customize, document, and order their bespoke products digitally.
Located in a historic part of Bombay, their studio is a skip away from the historic docks, ship-breaking yards, and even goat sheds — all of which give the city a distinct character. Inspired by this idea of luxury stemming from history, Fusion Access infuses every piece of theirs with a unique personality.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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