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Length Breadth Height

Length Breadth Height is a furniture design studio based in Ahmedabad, that takes inspiration from the natural materials, cultures, and crafts of contemporary India. Their love for materials and their properties reflects in the production methods that are tailored to perfection with an honest design language. Influenced by nature, their handcrafted designs are timeless in appeal and centre on simplicity.

From the retro-inspired Triad Chair with wicker detailing, to the elegant Round Chair in teak, white ash and red oak, LBH’s furniture is the embodiment of the contemporary Indian aesthetic. Displaying a simple arch shape, their charming swing chair with a minimal mix of metal and cane easily adapts to a variety of modern interiors and sparks intrigue amongst children and adults alike. The striking black Arc Side Table is an interpretation of silhouettes according to an order of functionality and a certain rigidity, both in the material and the economical and minimalist lines.

Established by Luv Rohra, Length Breadth Height has a single goal that translates through its design collections, right from the first sketch to the end product – to create designs that endure.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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