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Minstudio is an Ahmedabad based design studio that focuses on creating handcrafted and customized furniture objects in collaboration with master craftsmen and artisans across the globe. Established by Mirali Shah, a Fiji born, Ahmedabad based product designer, the studio witnesses a cross-cultural influence that is embedded within the design process of various products.
Craft has a deep human heritage, history, and ancestry, yet handicraft items are perceived as decorative elements. Minstudio aims to reimagine the usability and applicability of these treasures to create products with a minimalistic approach and modern functionality, while staying true to the art form. There is an amalgamation of age-old techniques of Tapa Craft (which is a traditional art form practiced across the Pacific Islands mainly by tribal women and used as a clothing item or household décor articles) with modern design concepts. The focus is to extend the Tapa Craft beyond souvenir items, to contemporary pieces that adorn the household.
Minstudio’s beautiful products feature Tapa artwork created by the original traditional methods practiced in Fiji, and are finally handmade and assembled in India.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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