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Renovation Factory

The story of Renovation Factory commenced with a quest to create an assortment of bold, inspiring objects striving for a visionary reconstruction of contemporary spaces. Created with authenticity and engineered to perfection, their products have been handcrafted through generational techniques by skilled craftsmen. With its roots established more than 50 years ago and helmed by Rahul Vadera, Renovation Factory’s journey started with an inspiration to give a new definition to every home. Specializing in lighting, furniture, barware and home accents, the New Delhi based brand has mastered the art of Home Décor while keeping true to its ideals of combining functionality and luxury. Every product possesses a classical personality that evokes nostalgia at first glance- but continues to become a familiar, treasured hallmark of voguish elegance.

For Rahul Vadera, superlative quality is inherent in the company’s bloodline, that is meant to be supplied and not demanded. The idea of design is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, with a strategic combination of innovative design and luxury. The ethos of Renovation Factory is embedded in the creation of designs that simply make sense by adding functional and artistic value to a mundane day, giving way to pieces of art that have daily use. The conscious designs are solution-oriented and fulfilling to look at, enveloped in the core value of ‘Made Proudly and Sourced Locally’.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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