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The Big Piano

The Big Piano conforms to a philosophy of design that is committed to the idea of beauty and a belief that in the beautiful, is sustainability. For them, the beautiful is not merely perceived but felt. This furniture and decor company finds inspiration from all around – a millipede’s thousand little limbs, the flapping wings of a soaring seagull, a galloping horse, the chugging trains, pistons, pulleys and gears, all in locomotion. Their pieces are designed as machines that produce function or pleasure.
Established by architect Samira Rathod, The Big Piano unique everyday pieces feature unconventional elements like wheels and spokes. At their workshop, craftsmen labour with a passion. Material and function meld together; recycled woods are chiseled to make forms, fitted with little bits of metal to allow locomotion; then massaged with the oils to an endearing perfection.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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