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The Decor Remedy

The Decor Remedy is an online platform for home décor that believes in affordable luxury. Founded by Ayushi Jain, the brand draws inspiration from global decor trends and reworks them into contemporary Indian products. Jain has studied clinical psychology and has since turned designer, whose unique background allows her an insight into the effects of one’s physical home environment on their moods and behaviour, which she then adapts to her brand.

The Decor Remedy showcases a wide range of products that range from planters to wall decor and even nesting tables – serving as an all-encompassing platform for home accessorization. In a conscious effort to promote Indian craftsmanship and generate employment opportunities for those who need it the most, all the products are made in India, mostly by artisans in villages. Given the fact that India has a rich and varied design tradition, it only made sense for Jain to take inspiration from the country’s heritage and create a unique design language that strikes a balance between modern sensibilities and Indian aesthetics. According to Ayushi Jain, “Home Decor is truly a form of alternative therapy. We live in an age marked by fast-paced living, and have forgotten how to add a personal touch to our homes. At The Decor Remedy, we believe in the power of the interior, and that your home is a reflection of your soul!

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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