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Vakr is a Delhi based experimental furniture studio established by Devyani Gupta and Nehit Vij. Vakr denotes the steep learning curve associated with designing, through material and technique explorations – a process that requires numerous iterations and adept craftsmanship. The journey results in bespoke designs that redefine the relationship between the user and their surroundings. Vakr is the story of the synthesis of old and new techniques to generate timeless furniture designs. Sculptural in character, the form is guided by the laws of physics and the nature of materials.

A new furniture series by Vakr: Lehar, is inspired by the shape and form of flexible membranes and structures, when weight or pressure is applied to them. It is a re-interpretation of how the form yields, morphing the structure to reach a stable point. Exploring concrete, rattan, and wood in their dynamic designs, Vakr breaks conventional furniture stereotypes.

The brand’s design for a coffee table takes inspiration from soft waves touching shores, meandering end to end, to etch undulating shapes on a plane. Their end table design adds movement to the most mundane corners, through the unison of unusual materials coming together with the seen and the unseen details. Vakr’s console design features a continuous straight line that gently slopes along the path, to give way to a unique curve resembling streams of water.

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“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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