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Yellow Brick Route

An homage to the literary classic ‘Wizard of Oz’ Yellow Brick Route believes that one’s home is an extension of oneself, and that it needs to reflect an individualistic essence. The furniture and home decor brand is crafted to appeal to the eyes and the soul. Yellow Brick Route offers a stunning collection of redesigned vintage furniture along with designs that represent contemporary times. The brand boasts a range of furniture and other home fittings that have all the beauty and elegance of eras gone by and times to come.

From the elegant latticework of garden seating to the stoic classic styles of writing tables, their range of handcrafted furniture is carefully crafted by their family of talented artisans. Dynamic designs influenced by space explorations, science, and new technologies also tend to work as a constant source of inspiration. These clean designs with Scandinavian influence take on the persona of their own, with innovative furniture and room compositions, while maintaining a unique air of futurism combined with the classic western appeal. Yellow Brick Route’s in-house artisans, with their expertise in craftsmanship and traditional aesthetics, create works of art that form an extension of their client’s personalities. Their designs create a truly nostalgic affair towards finding one’s way home.

Yellow Brick Route’s UH collection stands the test of time. Some of these pieces of furniture have been around for nearly a hundred years, and make worthy additions to any discerning homeowners space.

“The details are not the details. They make the design!”

- Charles and Eames

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