Inside A Lush Penthouse In Bangalore Echoes The Spirit Of A Modern-Day Eden

  • 20 Dec '23
  • 4:12 pm by Vruti Desai

Layers of patterns and textures amidst a calculated sea of pastel colours, floats a lush penthouse in Bangalore’s heart. Perched high above the city, Eden House resonates the modern-day Utopia for a family of three. Narrating a design odyssey across this 10,000-square-foot space, Kumpal Vaid, founder and design principal at Purple Backyard, seamlessly blends luxury with comfort, sophistication, and playfulness. A space adapted to the client’s lifestyle radiates a distinctive charm that depicts a whimsical celebration of their life, travel, and hedonic ecstasy.

The one-of-a-kind painting by House of Beserk with the powder blue sofa, lilac armchairs and side tables from Sancal splashing subtle hues in the main living room area. Custom terrazzo-in-situ dining table by Rawsteen and pendant light designed by LZF. Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala

The journey of this luxurious residence integrates the indoors with the outdoors. Drawing inspiration from the organic elements of nature, the Purple Backyard exemplifies the idea of imperfection as perfection, allowing the space to evolve and grow as the family does. Doused in pastel shades with contrasting jewel tones to emphasise the depth of space, Eden House demonstrates a classic interplay of rich materials and primary forms, creating juxtaposing geometries. While the abode composites complementary elements, it also highlights the surreal relationship between the designer and the homeowners. This collaboration of the two shines through the way the residence feels – quirky yet serene, bold yet balanced and colourful yet muted. This adds a unique character to the overall design of the house, which strives to maximise the functionality and fluidity of the space.


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The interplay of geometric forms and contrasting elements creates visual drama in the bathrooms. Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala

A stretch of magnificent Vietnamese white marble flooring, with its organic shapes and a sprinkling of green marble inlay, captures the essence of a carpet as one steps into the sprawling penthouse. The irregularity and unstructured pattern of the vibrant inlay infuse a sense of nature’s inadvertent and unusual forms right from the entry. Choreographing a harmonious nature-inspired theme throughout the penthouse, each room depicts a distinctive feature symbolic of nature’s beauty. In contrast, the rest of the room feels modern and plush, with muted tones and clean geometries. 

With an eclectic mix of details – ranging from tropical botanical wallpapered panels that conceal the TV to statement pieces of adaptable furniture– the lounge room is a composition of delicate details and bold forms. Travelling back in time to recreate the family’s travels is a one-of-a-kind painting by House of Beserk, complimented by the powder blue sofa, sinuous lilac armchairs from Sancal, and a dusty pink ottoman splashing subtle hues in the main living room area. Featuring the first for the Purple Backyard in exploring gold as a design highlight – the delicate arched frame of the bar in collaboration with Arjunvir Gujral under their brand name ‘no7’ adds a tint of glamorous luxury to the house. With each piece curated specially for the residence, the ‘face-designed’ side tables by Sancal break the calm of the room with some quirk. 

Quirky yet neutral, the kid’s room has adaptable décor with a powder blue and white ceiling highlighting the custom lights by MGM. Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala

Resonating the meticulous details that compose the Eden House, a custom terrazzo-in-situ dining table by Rawsteen perfectly fusions the imperfect organic shapes. It adds multiple tones for depth, which further accentuates the dining area with a pendant light designed by LZF with unfurling spools of ferns, harmonising the au naturel theme. Breaking the series of storage spaces concealed by arches is a single arch to the dusty teal modular kitchen. While the winding staircase on the terrace balcony leads one to the master bedroom, the exterior wall is an illustrative hand-painted mural with nostalgic motifs of the city in an all-embracing verdant colour palette that elevates the foliage on the outside.

Light wood flooring lends a cosy attraction to the master bedroom, which opens into a private balcony, which in turn keeps up with the perpetually cooler climate of the city. With a secluded library, desk and a seating niche, the master room is akin to a retreat. 


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The Eden House showcases delicate elements of nature, arched doorways with botanical murals, tapestry and bold forms of furniture in the rooms
Image Credits:Ishita Sitwala

The meandering lights ‘Luna’ depict the phases of a moon’s cycle that are strung together in a boldly sized light installation, designed in collaboration with MGM that delicately lights up space and elevates the stairwell as a design feature. Not falling short of statement spaces in the penthouse, the bathrooms in the Eden House depict a character and aesthetic of its own. Exaggerating the geometries and embracing the uniqueness of imperfection, the tiles, finishes, sanitary ware and textures are the epitome of elegance with an edge. 

Navigating the son’s room, the Purple Backyard can cater to the young boy’s fantasy. A room with a slide, ball pit and climbing net–all detachable for when he grows out of it–maximises the functionality of the space. Echoing the careful details for the kid’s room, the colour palette remains neutral with funky hanging lights custom-made for the designer by MGM to the beam-patterned powder blue and white ceiling.

The statement custom-made ‘Luna’ – String light installation in collaboration with MGM highlights the stairwell of the Penthouse (left) and pastel tones in the rooms complement the outdoors (right). Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala

Enhancing the visual drama of this whimsical aesthetic is a rooftop terrace with an azure-hued pool, complete with a lounge area lined with stark white amphitheatre-style stairs contrasting with bright red Breton-striped seat cushions. The pièce de resistance of the home, this contradictory play of colours with mosaic inlay around the pool’s perimeter, elevates the overall visual aesthetic. Strategically placed planters with frangipani lend their delicate fragrance to the air, creating a mood overlooking the rest of the city with a sultry glow and dancing shadows at dusk. Much like the rest of the penthouse, the terrace distinguishes between playful lavishness and swanky extravagance. 

The dramatic amphitheatre-style stairs with contrasting bold red cushion seating and an azure- hued pool overlook the city of Bangalore. Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala