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Hyderabad Welcomes Ancient Craft And Creative Gardening At The New Purple Turtles And Beruru Store

  • 14 Dec '23
  • 1:40 pm by Vruti Desai

Showcasing a versatile range of skilled Indian designers, The Purple Turtles extend their world of rich and beautifully aesthetic design to Hyderabad. A renowned concept store of exclusive lighting and furniture takes you back to India’s traditional arts and crafts. Journeying across the eclectic creative landscape of the country to curate and create accent objects, The Purple Turtles inspires uniqueness in every space. This expansion of Purple Turtles celebrates various arts, styles and eras, bringing in a creative splash of green decor with Beruru – which is a quintessential root-to-roof garden lifestyle label, reimagining the garden as the core of the home to inspire slow and inclusive urban living. An amalgamation of the Kannada words Beru(roots) and Uru(city), Beruru – has travelled the world to bring home an eclectic range of pots, planters, garden accessories and furniture indoor, outdoor and alfresco spaces.

With each piece of furniture, accent light, and décor item meticulously handcrafted and handpicked from some of the country’s most renowned designers since 2009, founders of The Purple Turtles Radeesh Rattnakar Shetty & Gaurav Rai passionately narrate a design story for each space. Their distinguished approach towards statement architectural objects and multi-faceted lighting solutions raises them to the forefront of this industry. With a prolific team of in-house designers and creatives, The Purple Turtles crafts signature, limited-edition lights and furniture customised to enhance the space’s spatial experience and aesthetic theme.

Left: Spread of garden accessories by Beruru
right: Accent lighting and home decor items by The Purple Turtles. Image Credits: Beruru

By emphasising the use of daily objects – not merely by their functions but majorly from their origin and history– Purple Turtles reinvigorates the joys of home decor. Thus, curating and creating décor items constantly resonates with authentic and ethnic culture. They also responsibly source sustainable home décor items to motivate the buyers towards an ethical way of living. While their selections encourage designers to maximise eco-friendly and natural materials like banana fibres, jute, and handcrafted papers, repurposing and recycling décor items broadly defines the brand. 

While Beruru defines the store’s entrance with a selection of potted plants, the inside is beautifully decorated with varying foliage spread across each corner of the two floors. Including rustic and modern contemporary styles of planting accessories and garden décor, the store also houses garden essentials from Beruru to create beautiful green spaces. 

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Quirky home décor items and accent lighting at The Purple Turtle store in Hyderabad. Image Credits: The Purple Turtles

The intricate filigree lamps, opulent chandeliers and decorative dandelions are quite a sight. With a wide range of collections, The Purple Turtles brings international styles and luxury to parts of India. Their enchanting collections of table decor with porcelain salad bowls, glass and candle holders, throws, and aprons hold the promise of leisure and conviviality. The beautifully carved wardrobes, heirloom treasures, and classic Pichwai art not only diversify the selection for the client but add to the versatility of the store. From traditional homes to contemporary, offices to corporate headquarters, and hotels to bars and restaurants, the store has an exclusive solution to define and emphasise the ambience of a space. The collection summarises the ideas and attributes of Indian and international culture, uniting the abundance of details and expressions. Thus, the beauty of these artworks is pronounced by the precision of each element and the dedication to celebrating traditional arts and crafts. 

The Purple Turtles is truly an experience of exploring a wide variety of artefacts and lights from all across the country, highlighting the skilled craftsmanship of each region. 

A mix of modern and traditional antiques and home décor items. Image Credits: Beruru

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