From Mediterranean To Asian—Ahmedabad’s Pepito Takes You On A Culinary Voyage

  • 12 Dec '23
  • 4:44 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

Nestled in Ahmedabad, Pepito spans 13,500 sq ft, presenting a culinary haven that mirrors the diverse tastes of the city. Whether you seek a cosy dining experience or a vibrant party zone, Pepito embraces all, harmonising its aesthetics with the vibrant colour palette that defines Ahmedabad‘s cultural richness. This culinary sanctuary is curated by Sujit Mehta, co-founder of We Serve Hospitality, and possesses a deep understanding of both the crowd and the hospitality industry. Having successfully helmed a portfolio of award-winning restaurant brands in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, his expertise comes through every aspect of Pepito’s presence.

The outdoor dining area features beautiful natural material chairs and tables, paired with complimenting leaves in the handcrafted pots and planters by
Mangalya Handicrafts. Image credit: Prashant Bhat

The entirety of Pepito’s expanse not only tantalises the senses but also immerses visitors in a fantasy-like decor and design by Harsh Dutta, one of the co-founders. From the dry shrubbery facade with whitewashed background walls to the paved walkway of boulders and cobblestones leading to the entry arch, one finds themselves in a landscape reminiscent of Greek aesthetics. It stands mesmerising, only to reveal yet another captivating sense of paradise. Upon crossing the arch, a beautiful arrangement of bohemian mirrors and an entire alfresco space dressed in serene white comes into view. Spanning across segregated areas, the bistro offers a variety of experiences—from different views at their tables to a diverse assortment of cuisines, each distinct from the other. A Greek-styled mini pond and bridge, accompanied by a dry aesthetic tree, proudly presents the name ‘Pepito’ to the patrons.

Unparalleled hardscaping paves the path to the double-height curved door, revealing an inviting indoor seating area. The alluring form of the circular staircase is discernible even from a distance. Before reaching it, patrons are captivated by the enchanting, quaint, and cosy area on their left—Pepito’s barista bar. The barista bar offers an abundance of beverage options, ranging from coffee to refreshing mocktails inspired by their favourite cocktail combinations. Boasting undulating natural textures on its walls and maintaining greenery from within, the barista bar features organically shaped walls, natural material furniture, and a variety of seating options, enticing guests with earthy tones into exploring this fortified haven. Upon entering the indoor seating area, attention is drawn to a curvy circular staircase. Within its allure, patrons ascend to discover the boho chic first floor, opening their horizons to a new dimension.


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Organically earthy colours like beige, brown and grey are paired perfectly with the
handcrafted pot by Mangalya Handicrafts, providing the ultimate base-accent pair.
Image credit: Prashant Bhat

The world of Pepito seamlessly blends comfort, class, and chic—both its exteriors and interiors exude an inviting vibe, enriched with a touch of the tropics and a hint of boho chic, all thoughtfully spaced out. Pepito’s designs and layouts actively encourage patrons to relish authentic food, presenting a menu that harmonises the mystique of Asian and Korean flavours with the soul of the Mediterranean. Much like the diverse seating options in Pepito, there is a range of culinary expertise on display.

The craftful interiors precisely reflect Pepito’s spirit of global cuisines and exotic
decor assemblies. Image credit: Prashant Bhat

The menu is a curated fusion of flavours, promising to appeal to all age groups and take diners on a culinary voyage around the world. From Sushi, Dumplings, Korean Buns, and Gumbos with rice, offering a taste of Asia and Korea, to European delights such as freshly rolled ravioli, tortellini, and Neapolitan Pizzas, Pepito caters to diverse culinary preferences. The restaurant also features a fusion of Mexican and Lebanese dishes, alongside creative vegetarian appetisers. The first floor offers a beautifully spaced-out dining area adorned with Bohemian hanging lamps from Oorjaa, a captivating mural wall, wooden chairs, and tables, all intricately knitted into the Bohemian decor theme 

In essence, Pepito transcends culinary boundaries, offering a harmonious blend of global flavours in a meticulously designed space. With its careful curation and unique aesthetic, this haven beckons patrons to experience not just exquisite dishes but a celebration of diverse cultures. The restaurant stands as a testament to gastronomic excellence, inviting all to indulge in a symphony of tastes and aesthetic wonders.


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