Revolutionising Retail: 3 New Stores Transforming The Shopping Experience

  • 27 Feb '24
  • 10:52 am by Sana Chohan

Presenting itself as an abstract idea or a gallery of sentiments, the shopping journey has metamorphosed into a refined artistic undertaking. Intertwined intricately with their ethos, we present to you three new stores – Araya, SAAR, and Tanisha Vaidya Designer Lounge – each epitomizing an immersive retail experience. Engulfed in organic curves and draped with curious textures, these stores have taken the contemporary narrative to new heights with their understated and graceful allure. DP curates a list of three new stores and what sets them apart as expressions of their distinct identities.

Embodied in a symphony of contrasting textures, fluid forms, and dynamic identity, this jewellery boutique beckons with an irresistible allure. (Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala)

#1 Beyond Black and White at Araya in Dubai by Aashni Kumar

Concealed behind the monochrome walls of the jewellery boutique Araya, designed by Aashni Kumar, is a rhythmic contrast of bold minimalism juxtaposed with a new-age artistic narrative. 

A compendium of luxury, Araya is perched on the prestigious Almas Tower in Dubai the 400-sq-ft store by Aashni Kumar turns into the unpredictable rhythm of contrasts. White and black, textured bouclé, smooth silk, simple geometry, and bold organic silhouettes lend the store a dynamic identity. The holistic approach to the concept, from space-making to lighting, display to signage, gives visitors a sense of endless intrigue while celebrating the essence of the brand—pared-back aesthetics provoked with excesses.

Harmonizing the monochrome palette, a captivating stage is set for the unveiling of Araya’s evocative jewels. (Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala)

The tall, dark, and majestic display cases steal the limelight, positioned against Dubai’s skyline. Astute positioning carves a scintillating vanity nook close by, with an inspired mirror in a fluid shape. On the left side is the founder’s workspace, designed to be in sync with the concept–complete with a curved desk and console. Black micro-topped accents with flat black 3D finishes set against a neutral palette of black, grey, white, and wood set the stage for the brand’s evocative jewels, much like a canvas acts for its art. Incorporating a vernacular that transcends the present and blurs the lines between the traditional modern aesthetics of straight lines and sharp edges, with softer curved edges and organic shapes to garner a gentle pace in the design realm.


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Introducing organic forms into the design breaks the linear confines of the rectangular plan. (Image Credits: Vaibhav Bhatia)

#2 More than a Mirage at SAAR in New Delhi by Studio Duwan 

The pret couture retail store in Shahpur Jat, envisioned by Mannat Dua and Simran Dhawan of Studio Duwan, stands as a compelling embodiment of understated luxury and authenticity. 

Imbued with a discerning sense of materiality, a curated colour palette, and contemporary design, the rectangular space is tactfully punctuated with display rails, a changing room, a compact seating area, and rich elemental details. To disrupt the linearity of the layout, organic forms, and elements are seamlessly integrated. Upon entering the store, attention is immediately drawn to the organic cut-out on the wall, showcasing the name and embodying the ethos of the brand. This feature harmonizes effortlessly with a suspended curvilinear display rail and a floor-to-ceiling mounted mirror that adds an intriguing dimension through reflections.

The soft glow of natural light, filtering through the sheer drapes of the store, delicately tempers the dramatic flair of the floral wallpaper. (Image Credits: Vaibhav Bhatia)

Limewash textured wall areas add a neutral backdrop, accentuated by a herringbone wooden floor, allowing the showcased clothing to take centre stage. Natural light, filtered through sheer drapes, imparts a serene ambience, casting captivating shadows within the store. Bouclé chairs and a glass-top coffee table introduce an additional layer of texture and neutral tones to the environment. The changing room, discreetly positioned in a corner, diverges dramatically from the overall aesthetic of the store. Transitioned through a soft, flowing drape, a vibrant floral wallpaper infuses a dramatic touch. The result is a space where every detail, from the organic design elements to the thoughtful interplay of textures and lighting, collaborates to create a harmonious and captivating retail experience that celebrates the beauty of authenticity.


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The juxtaposition of brass-finished opulent hardware against the raw and rustic concrete walls elevates the contemporary image of the store. (Image Credits: Atul Pratap Chauhan)

#3 Bare Elegance at Tanisha Vaidya Designer Lounge in Raipur by Azure Interiors

Crafted by Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani of Azure Interiors, this three-story structure is a masterpiece with gracefully curved walls, imparting a sense of fluidity and grace to the interiors. The overarching theme seamlessly integrates elements of elegance and luxury, creating a captivating visual experience.

The contemporary canvas unfolds through grey textured paint and micro cement flooring, where the merchandise reigns as the undeniable focal point, commanding attention with an aura of sophistication. Brass-finished hangers, dripping with opulence and refinement, bestow an elevated aesthetic appeal upon the space. At the store’s entrance, an Italian stone-clad reception desk exudes sophistication and craftsmanship, making it a focal point, while the back wall showcases an assortment of curvy panels with metal details, creating a visually dynamic backdrop. This combination of curves introduces an artistic and architectural element, enhancing the overall thematic cohesion. The ambience exudes contemporary elegance, creating a designer lounge that is not only visually striking but also functionally efficient in its design.

Striking a fine balance between organic and raw elements, the store transforms into a canvas for the striking clothing pieces on display. (Image Credits: Atul Pratap Chauhan)

The three floors are thoughtfully organized to cater to diverse needs. The ground floor hosts a reception desk, comfortable seating, a trial room, a powder washroom, and two meticulously segregated display areas. Ascending to the first floor reveals additional display spaces, another trial room, a studio, a compact workstation, the MD’s cabin, and a well-appointed pantry. The second floor unfolds as an in-house workstation, dedicated to the skilled craftsmen behind the scenes. The deliberate simplicity of the design ensures that each curated product shines, contributing to an atmosphere of uncluttered elegance and redefined opulence.

Between the bare and beautiful textures of concrete, the opulence of plush drapes and the freedom of organic edges, unfold a multi-sensory exchange. This new-age narrative has revolutionised the shopping experience, seamlessly merging the tactile with the transcendent.