This Apartment’s One-Of-A-Kind Interiors Are Reminiscent Of A Marshmallow And Invites Guests To Take A Pause

  • 2 Apr '24
  • 6:02 pm by Pallavi Mehra

New Delhi-based interior design firm Design Doodle Studio conceptualised the interiors of a 2,800-square-foot penthouse apartment in Gurugram. Aptly known as ‘Marshmallow,’ the home is a whimsical haven housing aesthetically pleasing yet functional furnishings. The apartment is a sanctuary for adults yearning to lose themselves in the plush embrace of a giant marshmallow. ​​In this abode, warmth intertwines seamlessly with elegance, each material and detail meticulously curated to evoke a cascade of emotions. Understated luxury finds harmony with earthy sensibilities, creating an ambience that whispers of opulence yet remains rooted in authenticity.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-01
Left: The living area’s furniture is from Quba Homes, accessories from Pottery Barn India and lighting by White Lighting Solutions. Right: The entrance features micro cement flooring with custom Venetian terrazzo inlay with marble sourced from Stone Studio and executed by ColorTale. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

The abode boasts a light-filled living and dining area that opens into an outdoor space, a kitchen, a family den, a master suite and the daughter’s bedroom. The project showcases the studio’s design ethos—minimalism, seamless curves, textured elements, and a penchant for arches

“As curious designers, we dare to transcend conventional boundaries, reimagining homes as vessels of emotion and sanctuary. We weave narratives inspired by our client’s personalities and lifestyles, infusing each thread with the essence of their being. The client’s desire for a relaxing ambience with a modern luxury twist set the tone for the project. Our canvas became a tapestry of free-flowing curves bathed in marshmallow hues, choreographing a mesmerising symphony that beckons you to surrender to its comforts,” mention Vijay Kumar and Maha K, Principal Designers of Design Doodle Studio.


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This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-02
A view of the living room, which opens out into the terrace. The couch and armchair are custom by Quba Homes, accessories are from H&M Home and curtains and upholstery are from Kapaas Furnishings. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

A Tranquil Sanctuary

From the moment guests step inside, they are welcomed by an ambience that feels both familiar and enchanting. Plush fabrics, seamless surfaces, and subtle textures beckon, inviting visitors to indulge in a sense of comfort. The journey commences in a circular entrance lobby, leading to the apartment’s two distinct zones. To the left, a private sanctuary awaits, while the right unveils an entertainment haven. The layout, initially planned for four bedrooms, was reimagined to prioritise expansive spaces for the family, resulting in three generously sized bedrooms. A decision to prioritise expansive spaces resulted in a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, setting the stage for a luxurious living experience.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-03
Another view of the living room where custom lights from the White Teak Company take centre stage. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

Peach Fuzz

Throughout the home, the almost edible colour palette transports guests to a world of serenity and sophistication, perfectly complementing the soft curves that grace every corner. This apartment is bathed in the Pantone colour of the year 2024—Peach Fuzz. Moreover, from the whispers of micro cement floors to the exquisite allure of bespoke Venetian terrazzo inlays, every material was chosen with care, every element meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-04
Dining space with furniture by Quba Homes, curtains from Kapaas Furnishings, chandelier from Ivanka Lumiere, custom bar unit by Precad Interiors, accessories from Pottery Barn India and plant from Bloom Plant. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

“The colour palette was derived from our client’s wish for their home to be a calm retreat. They wanted their abode to be an escape from the bustling city, where they could instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is these very feelings that we sought to achieve through the marshmallow shades of our colour palette,” explain the designers. “The plush fabrics and subtle textures on the walls and floor further contribute to an almost palpable sense of comfort and cosiness, which can draw parallels with the comfort that a marshmallow dipped in a warm cup of hot chocolate brings you on a chilly winter night,” they add. 


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This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-05
The kitchen is executed by Precad Interiors. The island unit features a fluted base and a custom terrazzo top by ColorTale. The floor tiles and backsplash are by Graffiti Tiles Ink, custom light by White Lighting Solutions and décor by Pottery Barn and H&M Home. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

Open Layout

As the clients like to entertain a lot, the living, dining, and kitchen areas are the heart of the home. This open space boasts pastel hues, sumptuous furnishings in circular forms, fluted walls, and plenty of arches. The living, dining, kitchen and terrace effortlessly and purposefully flow into one another seamlessly, owing to the open spatial layout and the cohesion in design language, making it feel like an uninterrupted large space. The design also encourages free movement from the indoors to the outdoors, by arranging the furniture slightly away from the walls, offering a seamless transition by simply sliding open the glass doors. The designers’ focus on a unified cohesive narrative ensures that every space of the home contributes harmoniously to the overall ambience, resulting in a seamless and immersive experience for inhabitants and visitors alike.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-06
The primary bedroom boasts flooring by Holz Parker from DeCeramica, the bed is custom by Studio MNT, the study chair by Quba Homes, the study table by Precad Interiors, wallpaper from Design by Metamorph, lighting by White Lighting Solutions and curtains by Kapaas Furnishings. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

Private Haven

​​The primary suite also showcases a unique blend of curved volumes where a wide arched opening segregates the bedroom zone from the rest of the suite, without having to create physical divisions or partitions. An isolated column was proving to be a hindrance in the flow of the space, so the designers decided to create a circular envelope around it and wrapped it in a custom wallpaper that helped convert what was an obstacle into a unique statement. The curved ceiling detail that wraps around the circular column was also designed to conceal the existing beam without making it obvious. The use of graphic elements at various locations helps maintain a playful balance in an otherwise calming aesthetic.


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This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-07
Here’s another glimpse of the primary bedroom. The reading chair with footstool is bespoke by Studio MNT, the accessories are by Pottery Barn India and the custom wallpaper is from Design by Metamorph. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)

Unique Materiality

Microcement and lime plaster are predominant materials that are seen in most areas of this home as the interior designers wanted to create seamless surfaces that were uninterrupted by joints or divisions. The orchestration of these materials is strikingly augmented by the custom solid oakwood furniture with its soft cloud-like upholstered shapes and volumes wrapped in rich textured fabrics.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-08
The daughter’s bedroom features a wardrobe and study table executed by Precad Interiors, a custom lamp by White Lighting Solutions, a bespoke bed by Studio MNT, a chair by Quba Homes, flooring from DeCeramica, curtains and upholstery by Kapaas Furnishings and plants by Bloom Plant. Image Credit: (Ekansh Goel)

“Another material that features in several spaces is a custom Venetian terrazzo inlay. This came into being from a simple request from our clients, not wanting any rugs in their homes, as they were not very fond of them. So we thought, why not create a flooring inlay that would visually act like a rug without having to worry about maintenance,” conclude the interior designers. Marshmallow is a tranquil sanctuary inviting guests and residents to take a pause and daydream.

This Apartments-One-Of-A-Kind-Interiors-Are-Reminiscent-Of-A-Marshmallow-And-Invites-Guests-To-Take-A-Pause-09
Left: The powder bathroom features tiles from Osaanj, wallpaper by Design by Metamorph, a custom basin and faucet from De Ceramica and light by White Lighting Solutions. Right: The family den houses a custom sofa by Quba Homes, a bespoke table by Studio MNT, and accessories from Pottery Barn India and H&M Home. (Image Credit: Ekansh Goel)