3 New Bars In Bangalore: Tap Into Cutting-Edge Design And A Fusion Of Global Flavours

  • 12 Dec '23
  • 4:51 pm by Satarupa Datta

Bengaluru also known as Bangalore has always taken pride in its drinking scene among other metros in India. Its pleasant clime is ideal for this uniquely cathartic experience of drinking world-class liquors paired with sumptuous bites. After bringing in the world’s largest microbrewery, the city has moved towards concept bars, akin to social clubs where like-minded people post work to break away from the mundane. At this point, it’s safe to say Bangalore’s burgeoning drinking scene is only becoming more in vogue. While the crafted cocktails and food pack a punch, the stellar interior designs catch the eye. DP has picked the perfect spots for your bar-hopping nights in Bangalore that boast gorgeous interiors to film the perfect insta-worthy reels.

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The wood-panelled walls and tufted leather couches of Muro’s private lounge rooms paint the aristocratic look of the gentlemen’s clubs of London. ( Image credit: Muro India )

#1. Muro — A Commune For Like-minded Folks Who Party In Style 

Muro kicks off triumphantly as a social club focusing on crafted cocktails, culture, and conversation. There is a whole section of the menu dedicated to Thai and Cantonese cuisine that spans bar bites, dim sums, and baos, to delicious South Asian desserts. The floor leads the way to private lounge rooms, ideal for unhurried and easy conversations. The founder Niharika Raval, takes pride in the idea of calling Muro a social club that unconventionally mirrors the cosiness of a home coupled with high-end restaurant hospitality. Not a member-only club, it allows all to come under one roof to let their hair down and unwind, with a cocktail in hand.

The centrepiece bar circle looks like the sky bar of a luxury cruise where functionality and luxurious design strike a perfect balance. ( Image Credit: Muro India )

This 70s-inspired joint that blends fine dining with the aura of English pubs, alludes to a vision that is sophisticated and global. Designed by Samir Raut, the principal architect of Atelier Nowhere, the space embraces clean design, great lighting, and wooden décor using volumes of wood panels and custom-made furniture. The design ethos revolves around cultivating a richly layered ambience oozing from its multi-spaces that feel bigger than its actual square footage count. 

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The Omakase design layout of the bar is a showstopper to the ambience. The highlight is the low elevation of the bar counter and seating that kindles conversations and allows patrons a better view of the bartenders in action churning their favourite drinks. (Image Credit: Spirit Forward BLR & Seen Dot Studio BLR)

#2 Spirit Forward Is Much More Than a Cocktail Bar 

Left Image: The ‘Southern Star’ is a tequila-based mixed with plums, pink guavas and green pickled jalapeños, served in a coupe-style glass. Next Right: Named ‘Heisenberg’ is a white rum shaken with dry vermouth, oleo saccharum and citrus, poured over blue sky ice and topped with tonic. (Image Credit: Spirit Forward BLR)

The cue lies in the name, Spirit Forward, a cocktail den that embarks on a sensory journey through the world of mixology. With dramatic lighting, the Omakase-design concept of the bar counter along with an impressive list of imaginative cocktails makes it a space that lures nightly queues. As you enter the door, the interiors flash an art déco glam mixed with a touch of modern minimalism. Conceived by the maverick mixologist, Arijit Bose and designed by Studio Pomegranate, the interior design includes elements of warmth like craft wood rattan chairs, leather-clad Chesterfield sofas, soft illumination and a medley of contemporary and classic pieces that reflect a tastefully composed living room. The wooden and metallic textures plus the turquoise backsplash of the bar cabinet conjure an ethereal and futuristic setting that allows guests to fully immerse in the Spirit Forward vibe. Once you take your eyes off its design, you will know the cocktails are as breathtaking as the decor.

The bartenders are no less than alchemists, shaking spirits into liquid poetry. The shio koji high ball is a classic example of how sweet miso-like flavour blends with Japanese whiskey, some citrusy notes, and apricot saccharum to create an umami cocktail worth trying. 

Taking their grub seriously, the menu showcases the best of Japanese and Mediterranean favourites. The popular plates, yakitori chicken breast and thigh, chipotle lime prawn and prawn larb, and creamy hummus with toasted pita are big hits among all partygoers. What goes amiss in bar hopping is good entertainment. Here that’s taken care of by the nifty mike setup adding a space for gigs and infotainment. Spirit Forward succeeds in being called the most sought-after bar to rub shoulders with neighbours and a must-visit on Lavelle Road known as the upscale locale of Bangalore

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Pops of sunny hues with tropical-inspired prints and murals adorn the walls and furnishings, steering clear of the usual dingy lighting at bars. (Image Credit: Monkey Bar BLR)

#3 The Monkey Bar is a Gastropub Doused in Urban Tropical Dreamscape

Gorgeous interiors, innovative cocktails stirred in hyperlocal ingredients and a menu of unusual but addictive Indian plates make Monkey Bar a winner again. Relaunched a second time, this Bangalore outpost is set on the first floor of the newly refurbished Museum building, overlooking the buzzing Museum Road. The prestigious Olive Group in alliance with Raseel Gujral Ansal, the celebrated architect behind Casa Pop, weave the brand story around the playful spirit of a monkey. Embracing urban tropical dreamscape as the core design style which selects colour palettes that paint bold sunny interiors. This design style integrates natural materials and tropical prints are featured in furniture, flooring, and accent pieces that bring the beauty of nature indoors.  

To infuse the tropical interior design patterned tiles on the backsplash and flooring, woven chairs and tropical plants are added to exude the warmth of a tropical paradise. (Image Credit: Monkey Bar BLR)

Once the design whisks you off to a paradisiacal world, its bar menu and cocktails tantalise your taste buds. Having plenty of showstoppers that beg to be devoured, the vast menu has new Indian flavours sitting proudly along global classics. A load of local flavour profiles have been incorporated into the beverages and the boozy cocktails

The lead mixologist Harish Chhimwal has changed the notion that the murabba can’t have a liquid form. The ‘Manga Mule’ uses the desi marmalade to churn out a sweet and zesty cocktail that adds an extra kick. For those who get that happy high with coffee beans, there is a coffee menu to browse too. The new avatar of Monkey Bar rebrands the venue to an all-day destination and not just a night-only gastro bar that makes for a fun time out. 

The bar menu is an ode to the rare indigenous produce of India. The ‘Monkey Queen’ is a tribute to the eastern states, using the star ingredient of queen variety pineapples from Assam and vanilla cordial made from Meghalaya’s Garo Hills blended in vodka and elderflower to create a spirited cocktail ( Image Credit: Monkey Bar BLR)

Currently, these new bars take the top spot in Garden City for reasons known to bar lovers and discerning drinkers. Best described as gastropubs, they seek inspiration from the constantly evolving world of bar scenes. Focusing on culinary experiences, luxurious cocktails, and experiential spaces, these new bars of Bangalore reintroduce us to an adage, ‘drink life to the lees’ in its literal sense.