Aranayam In Goa Is A Luxurious Weekend Getaway That Embodies Heritage, Aesthetics And Sustainability

  • 20 Mar '24
  • 3:22 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Assagao, Goa, Aranayam presents an ideal weekend getaway with its stunning villas, steeped in nature, heritage, and culture. These villas epitomise aesthetics and comfort, offering patrons a holistic luxury living experience. Conceived by Varun Maheshwari and Gaurav Khandelwal, Aranayam meticulously crafts Amayah Villas, a boutique gated community of 10 villas committed to sustainability. Designed by a collaborative team including The Blanc Canvas, Studio Crypt, and Aranayam’s in-house design team led by Ishanee Ray, the villas embody a biophilic design theme that integrates sustainability seamlessly and translates to a beautiful experience for guests. Positioned amidst chic environs and tranquillity, Aranayam ensures an enchanting experience for its guests.

Amayah greets visitors with traditional flooring, wooden columns, vintage arched doors, and lush foliage, offering a warm and inviting welcome. (Image credit: Aranayam)

Getting There

Since the property is situated in Assagao, the best way to get there is by flying into Manohar International Airport in Mopa, which is the closest airport. From there, it’s a pleasant 40-minute drive along a picturesque road offering glimpses of coastal life.


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Aranayam has carefully designed its villas to exude comfort, timeless elegance, and sustainability by retrofitting vintage Goan villas to suit modern-day needs. (Image credit: Aranayam)

Concept And Design

Amayah Villas, with their classic Indo-Portuguese architectural roots, intricately weaves authentic spatial planning and external design with sophistication and charm. Its lofty ceilings and tall windows not only facilitate cross-ventilation but also contribute to its grandeur while retaining the old-world charm that envelops the structure but also facilitates cross-ventilation. The balcao-styled entrance, complete with cemented seats and sturdy teak wood columns, warmly welcomes residents into its embrace. Inside, the living room presents a captivating blend of well-curated objects, exuding regal authenticity and cultural juxtaposition. Wooden accents on the ceiling and vintage chandeliers infuse glamour, enveloping the room in an inviting ambiance that mesmerises guests.

With an uncompromising commitment to a low carbon footprint and eco-friendly certifications, these villas offer an unmatched experience to patrons. The design emphasises climate-friendly elements, integrating energy-efficient systems powered by clean, renewable sources, and utilising locally-sourced natural building materials. Moreover, the property includes EV charging stations, catering to environmentally-conscious visitors. Staying at Aranayam is a distinct experience, surrounded by sustainable practices such as water and flora conservation, alongside efficient waste management. Green rating certifications from Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) and Indian Green Buildings Council (IGBC) further endorse Aranayam’s sustainability efforts, ensuring a blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

From furniture sourced from Jodhpur to natural Andhra stones from Goa, each element harmonises to create a space of timeless elegance. (Image credit: Aranayam)


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The use of distressed whitewashed wood paired with a cane, natural stone flooring, and an abundance of natural light gushing in makes the bedroom a cosy spot to relax (Image credit: Aranayam)

Villas, Suites, And Dining

Amayah comprises 10 villas with each villa including a living and dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, three en-suite bedrooms with an additional utility room, a study room, a private pool, open-to-sky shower sections, a steam room, a deck with an exquisite gazebo and a quaint terrace balcony overlooking the lush green fields.

The hardwood furniture featuring a grand four-poster bed, carved ottomans, and old trunks used as coffee tables, offers a glimpse into Goa’s cultural identity. Antique artefacts adorning the walls of the Villa that only add to the  luxury and grandeur of the space.

Amayah villas boast a variety of bedroom aesthetics reminiscent of luxurious old Goa houses, enhanced by warm lights and soft colours for added comfort. (Image credit: Aranayam)

The Attic, on the other hand, seeks to optimise efficient planning and owes its charm to the cosiness provided by the low-hanging eaves and exposed wooden rafters. Meticulously crafted from natural wood, the rafters exude an innate warmth and authenticity. The use of Matti, sourced from Goa, embodies the essence of the region’s local wood, contributing a distinct Goan touch to the architectural elements. Complementing this, the flooring boasts a stylish terrazzo combination, while the furniture throughout the space is meticulously fashioned from solid wood, creating a harmonious blend of natural materials that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.


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Enter a mesmerising world of old-world charm through Amaya’s dining room portal. (Image credit: Aranayam)


The villas feature fully-equipped kitchens, offering patrons the choice to cook at their convenience. The dining areas within these vintage villas are a testament to rustic elegance. Wood-carved and distressed furniture, complemented by sheer white curtains and jute tablecloths set the stage for indulgent culinary experiences. Guests also have the option to savour authentic Goan cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients by the in-house chef. One can even opt for exquisite local cuisines and spirits at the villa.

Reimagined as a welcoming in-house bar adjacent to the L-shaped pool, the courtyard transforms into a cosy retreat complete with built-in seating. Adding to its allure, the charming Sundar pattis adorning the roof infuse the space with a unique Portuguese-Goan ambiance, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal to new heights.


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Constructed in exposed concrete and earthy textures, the theatre room feels just like home. (Image credit: Aranayam)

Recreation And Leisure

The Home Theatre, with its ‘bed-style’ seating arrangement, offers versatile space for family entertainment or mixed group gatherings. Amayah features a cosy theatre room with exquisite details and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. The flooring boasts an IPS finish, ensuring both durability and a sleek aesthetic. Vintage lights sourced from Jodhpur add to the charm, casting a warm and inviting glow. Carefully curated artefacts from Jodhpur adorn the room, infusing it with cultural richness. To enhance the nostalgic atmosphere, a handpicked vintage fan gracefully completes the ensemble, ensuring a blend of style and comfort.

An array of outdoor experiences completes the dream vacation package at Aranayam. They offer a variety of activities enabling guests to connect with the tranquillity and cultural authenticity of Assagao. By strategically positioning the venture, guests can enjoy beachfront relaxation, and vibrant nightlife, or immerse themselves in the lush greenery around the villas. Their team also offers guided tours in and around Assagao as part of their hospitality services.

A beautiful melange of coastal colours represents the land of Goa and its tropical mood. (Image credit: Mrishi Sakaria)

Serving as a focal point for communal interaction and providing convenient access to the essential living and dining areas of the villa, Aranayam’s courtyard is a breathtaking open-to-sky oasis and the perfect spot to lounge with a book or simply lay in the sun. Bathed in sunlight and centred around a vibrant blue pool, it exudes an inviting atmosphere. Enhanced by traditional design elements like intricate tiles, rich textures, and graceful chajjas, the pool area becomes a veritable haven within Aranayam. Designed to facilitate excellent airflow, coupled with the presence of the pool water, the courtyard significantly improves the surrounding microclimate.

Fashioned from local red laterite stone, the villa exudes timeless charm, with the boundary wall delicately encircling historic palm trees, enhancing its visual allure from the main road. (Image credit: Aranayam)

Final Thoughts

As Assagao retains its status as a sought-after destination among India’s elite, the village maintains its tranquil charm. The design philosophy strives to preserve the cultural ethos of Goa, particularly Assagao, by immaculately blending the intricacies of Indo-Portuguese architecture with the demands of modern living.


  • The purely eco-friendly materials and sustainable architecture
  • The merged Portuguese heritage architecture with the contemporary pursuit of slow living, resulting in a beautiful synthesis
  • How Aranayam has collaborated with specialised artisans from across India with each element being purposefully crafted and picked for the villas.