Oscars 2024: Inside The A-Listers’ Greenroom By Rolex

  • 13 Mar '24
  • 4:35 pm by Vatsala Sethi

A greenroom might be a simple space with refreshments where the performers can quiet their nerves—or down a few shots of liquid courage from its fully stocked bar.   the Greenroom for the 96th Academy Awards was a serene collaboration with luxury by the watchmaker Rolex as the host. DP explores the design and thought that went on behind the green room set up for the 96th Academy Awards Show. 

The previous year’s theme was a rainforest with a tropical style that highlighted nature, emphasising eco-friendly and sustainable design, where the watch brand used neutral tones of green and shades reminiscent of plants as the colour palette for the room. In 2024, the design of the Greenroom, although covered in green like last year, spotlights the vegetational world. According to the Swiss Watchmaker brand, it was more than a mere tribute to the chromatic identity of the brand, it is a celebration of nature.

Oscars-2024- Inside-the-A-Listers-Greenroom-by-Rolex-01
When you add in the flowers and foliage, the greenroom’s overall feel becomes more inspired by nature. (Image Credit: Bart Michels and © Rolex)

The tonal greens cover one wall, while a minimal wooden design graces the other, using the image of fans as inspiration, creating a serene, Zen atmosphere that permeates the whole space. The Swiss watchmaker’s classic colour palette extends to all the furniture, from emerald poufs and cushions to velvet wall coverings whose curved form is reminiscent of the bezel on a precious metal Rolex Day-Date Watch.

A few special instances were captured in the Oscars 2024 greenroom from the main stage, including host Jimmy Kimmel’s fourth Oscar hosting appearance, Cillian Murphy’s Best Actor win for his film ‘Oppenheimer,’ Emma Stone’s Best Actress win for ‘Poor Things,’ and a stellar lineup of presenters.

Oscars-2024- Inside-the-A-Listers-Greenroom-by-Rolex-02
Using the idea of fans as inspiration, the Greenroom presents a portrayal of a delicate and light vegetal environment in 2024 (Image Credit: Bart Michels and © Rolex)

The greenroom’s use of materials—fibres, ceramic, and glass—reflects the high standards of Rolex’s meticulous watchmaking skills. The idea behind the design was to combine two fundamental components of nature, organic structures, and chlorophyll, to bring them into harmony through a chromatic universe. Not to forget, another A-lister in the space was the instantly recognisable Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40-inch 18-karat Everose gold watch with a dial set with 10-baguette-cut diamonds.


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Oscars-2024- Inside-the-A-Listers-Greenroom-by-Rolex-03
In the greenroom is an Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40-inch 18-karat Everose gold watch that has a dial adorned with ten baguette-cut diamonds (Image Credit: Bart Michels and © Rolex)

While John Cena’s nearly undressed appearance at the 2024 Academy Awards generated a lot of attention, we did notice that he was sporting a Rolex Explorer II. Roger Federer’s Rolex Daytona ‘Le Mans’, the biggest release of 2023, was also one of the wrist candies on the show.

Oscars-2024- Inside-the-A-Listers-Greenroom-by-Rolex-04
96th Academy Awards Greenroom, a creation of Rolex (Image Credit: Bart Michels and © Rolex)

In 2017, Rolex formally announced its partnership with the Academy of Motion Pictures, the foremost organization in the film industry. This partnership is a testament to Rolex’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the arts. The Swiss watchmaker also operates its own Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Project, which aims to support emerging artists and promote their growth and development. 

This collaboration demonstrates Rolex’s dedication to quality and creativity in the arts. Additionally, the Swiss watchmaker runs its own Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Project, which seeks to assist up-and-coming artists and foster their development.

Oscars-2024- Inside-the-A-Listers-Greenroom-by-Rolex-05
Every year, Rolex creates a unique décor for the Greenroom, an immersive experience. (Image Credit: Bart Michels and © Rolex)

To recognise brilliance and support the preservation of creative legacy, Rolex has teamed with some of the most accomplished artists in the world and preeminent cultural organisations for more than 50 years, building a bridge between the past, present, and future. Over 60 mentors and mentees have been linked by the project since its launch in 2002. Rolex is committed to supporting creative excellence and information transfer to future generations since they are the ones who carry on the cultural legacy of the globe.