Christian Louboutin And Pierre Yovanovitch Bring Fashion And Furniture In This One-Of-Kind Collaboration

Witness the confluence of furniture and fashion! Discover Pierre Yovanovitch and Christian Louboutin's new chair collection that brilliantly blends French savoir-faire with feminine beauty

  • 23 May '24
  • 3:24 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

An extraordinary series of limited and open-edition chairs by Pierre Yovanovitch and the legendary Christian Louboutin draws inspiration from historical muses, mythology, and film. This collaboration showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship of France‘s finest artisans. Among the nine limited edition masterpieces, there are tributes to iconic figures such as Queen Nefertari and the mesmerising Dita von Teese. 

In a dazzling nod to Louboutin’s famed Nudes shoe collection, the open edition ‘Simply Nude’ series features five stunning female-inspired silhouettes in various wood colours, celebrating feminine strength and unique beauty. Each chair is elegantly perched on Louboutin’s signature red-soled heels, adding a touch of glamour to every piece. This spectacular collection will make its grand debut at Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier’s U.S. flagship space in New York and will be available for purchase worldwide starting Friday, May 3rd.

The legendary designers and longtime friends Christian Louboutin and Pierre Yovanovitch posing for a photo with their recently launched chair collection. Image credit: Eric Petschek

Pierre Yovanovitch and Christian Louboutin have joined forces to create an extraordinary chair collection, drawing inspiration from historical muses, mythology, and film. Yovanovitch, a former menswear designer for Pierre Cardin, transitioned to interior architecture in 2001 and launched Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier in May 2021, epitomising bespoke luxury and sustainable craftsmanship. Louboutin, famed for his red-soled heels, has expanded his fashion empire since 1991 to include women’s and men’s collections, beauty lines, and even products for kids and pets.

Yovanovitch states that the collection was as much of an homage to French savoir-faire as it was to feminine beauty. He describes collaborating with Christian on the project to be a dream, emphasising their shared affinity for haute-couture artisanry. Yovanovitch explained that they enlisted a roster of classically trained artists to meticulously bring the diverse female characters to life, resulting in an imaginative ode to women told through French craftsmanship.


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The elegant Pompadour and Josephina make a stunning debut in this collection. Image credit: Eric Petschek

“It was Pierre who came up with the idea for this collaboration. We had already worked together on some of my interior design projects,” states Christian Louboutin. “To celebrate his iconic Clam chair, I summoned pharaonic goddesses, queens of the stage or queens of the night, chimaeras, and heroines of cinema… All these feminine figures who have accompanied and inspired me throughout my career, and who are found, thanks to exceptional embroiderers, weavers, and cabinetmakers, on the various ornaments of these nine chairs. Pierre also drew inspiration from my work around the ‘Nudes,’ shoes that take on the different skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest.” muses Christian Louboutin while reflecting on the initial ideation process of the collection.

In addition to the exclusive limited-edition pieces, the collection will unveil the open edition “Simply Nude” series, a homage to Christian Louboutin’s iconic Nudes collection, which debuted in 2013 with a spectrum of five skin tones. Image credit: Eric Petschek

The collection features nine unique works, each with distinctive inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship. ‘Dita’ is inspired by Dita von Teese’s burlesque costume, with embroidered and laser-engraved upholstery. ‘Josefina’ honours a 1920s cabaret heroine, crafted from dark mahogany-stained oak with a laser-engraved, embroidered seat and leather fringe. ‘Syrena’ evokes a mermaid with embroidered marine fabric and fishnet-covered legs. ‘Nefertari’ showcases an embroidered seat inspired by the ancient queen’s headdress, using patinated oak wood and golden bronze heels. ‘Zenobie’ features turquoise stones around each leg, reflecting Queen Zenobia of Syria. ‘Radicalla’ combines a natural oak base, sculptured wood feet, and silkscreened upholstery. ‘Morphea’ includes a patinated oak base and painted canvas upholstery with a “changing sky” pattern. ‘Metropolissa’ draws from Fritz Lang’s 1920s film Metropolis, with a leather seat and bleached oak frame. Finally, ‘Pompadour’ features gilded metal heels and upholstery with screen-printed motifs and embroidery by Maison Vermont.

The chairs offered in the ‘Simply Nude’ collection are available in a variety of frame options from bleached oak, natural oak, and patinated oak to light and dark-stained mahogany oak, reflecting feminine strength and unique beauty. Image credit: Eric Petschek

These chairs offer a selection of frame options ranging from bleached oak to patinated oak, each celebrating feminine strength and individual beauty. The ‘Simply Nudes’ series also presents an array of upholstery colours, paying homage to Louboutin’s famed shoe design with the incorporation of the brand‘s signature red-soled heel at the base. 

To meticulously craft these exquisite works, Louboutin and Yovanovitch collaborated with an elite roster of world-class French artisans, including Maisons Vermont, Lesage Interieurs, and Atelier Montex for exquisite embroidery; Atelier Jouffre and Hugo Delavelle for impeccable furniture artisanry; MM7 (Minuit Moins 7) for upholstery expertise; Solyfonte for artful casting; Alm Deco for masterful goldsmithing; Audrey Ludwig for exquisite leatherwork, and Christophe Martin for intricate fabric painting.


The culmination of this visionary collaboration will be showcased to the public at Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier New York from May 3rd to May 24th, For those unable to attend in person, the collection will be accessible for purchase worldwide through