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Witness Innovation In Illumination At Innovative Design Studio

  • 6 Mar '24
  • 10:46 am by Niki Dewani

In a radiant celebration of creativity and design, lighting titan Innovative Design Group (IDG) unveils its crowning jewel, the ‘Innovative Design Studio (IDS), nestled within their experience center in Okhla, New Delhi. IDG’s commitment to crafting environments that transcend the ordinary offers a heightened sense of style and refinement–and IDS stands as a brilliant manifestation of this commitment.

IDS allows visitors to embark on a sensory journey through thoughtfully curated fixtures under the leadership of CEO Aryaman Jain. (Image Credit: Innovative Design Group)

Exclusive collaborations with over 13 global brands promise a curated collection of lighting fixtures that take visitors on a unique journey into the realm of exceptional lighting design. IDS beckons true design aficionados to explore and be captivated by the harmonious interplay of light, shadow, and space within an expansive 5,600-sq ft studio devoid of natural light.

The studio’s dark, rustic interiors exude a charming rawness, making it the perfect canvas for the artistry of strategic illumination to shine to its truest form. The double-height area of the space allows for soaring ceilings, accentuating the captivating presence of each luminaire. Within this orchestrated symphony of light and architecture, every fixture becomes a storyteller, evoking emotions and standing as a testament to the artistry and transformative power embedded in every design.

The centre’s architectural design thoughtfully integrates each fixture, allowing for an immersive journey through different styles and design philosophies. (Image Credit: Innovative Design Group)

Masterfully crafted lights from esteemed brands such as Brokis, Catellani & Smith, Axolight, Beau et Bien, Lobmeyr, Lumia, Multiforme, Salansky, Zafferano, Elite Bohemia, Martinelli Luce, Folio, and Lorenzon adorn the space, transcending the conventional norms of lighting design. Each brings a distinctive and unique flair–from contemporary elegance to avant-garde brilliance.

The curated selection of these internationally acclaimed brands weaves a rich tapestry of styles and philosophies, showcasing a profound commitment to pushing the frontiers of what is achievable in the realm of lighting. As visitors traverse through the space, they encounter not just luminaires but expressions of innovation, reflecting a harmonious blend of artistic vision and technical mastery.


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A stunning fusion of minimalist geometric forms and the sculptural allure of glass unfolds in ‘Geometrics’ by Brokis. (Image Credit: Innovative Design Group)

The Brokis Collection, for instance, exemplifies high-quality glass at its core, with clean lines and simple forms highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Drawing inspiration from unexpected elements such as macarons, coarse ropes, flying birds, and Japanese paper lamps, the collection infuses a contemporary twist, creating a refined ambiance.

The Rouge Diamond Collection by Lorenzon is a visual symphony that brings a touch of luxury and individuality to every setting it graces. (Image Credit: Innovative Design Group)

Within Lorenzon’s Rouge Diamond Collection, sumptuous new influences come to life, drawing inspiration from the alluring cuts of precious gems. This collection is an exquisite interplay of light and color, showcasing an array of ceramic and metallic hues that elevate each piece to a new level of opulence.

The Papermash Lamp by Salansky and the Cyborg by Martinelli Luce introduce a harmonious interplay of artistic elegance.

As patrons step into the curated world of IDS, the alchemy of light unfolds, turning the mundane into the extraordinary. This studio is not merely a showcase of fixtures; it’s a living canvas where light takes center stage, becoming a pivotal character in the unfolding drama of design. The curated fixtures cease to be mere accessories; they become the heart and soul of the space.  Whether you’re a design enthusiast, architect, or someone who simply appreciates the art of crafting spaces with light, this is an invitation to witness the dynamic force that awakens spaces, turning them into living expressions of innovation.

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