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Sourcing Secrets With Interior Stylist Meetu Swani

  • 31 May '24
  • 3:27 pm by Virender Singh

Sourcing Secrets – a series in which Design Pataki brings you the hottest insider tips on shopping for décor and art while uncovering fascinating finds from across the globe. 

Whether it is artisanal floral arrangements at your fundraiser gala with ‘The Perfect Setting’ or dressing up a coffee bar in a designer home to look photogenic with ‘Inspired Living’, Meetu Swani seems to have a finger on every pulse. Her bi-focal entrepreneurship, innate sense of harmony and a keen eye for detail are skills honed through years of curating unforgettable experiences. Based in the vibrant city of Mumbai, Meetu finds inspiration in its ever-evolving landscape, constantly elevating spaces to reflect the essence of celebration and joy. Meetu Swani is not just an interior and events stylist– she’s a purveyor of elegance.

This tableau is lifted directly from the living room of The Sky Villa by Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects. (Image Credits: Talib Chitalwala)

Design Pataki: Talk about a styling accessory that instantly uplifts a photograph.

Meetu Swani: I arrive at every site armed with fresh greens, flowers and sometimes foraged dry branches. These don’t have to scream for attention but even when placed in the background, they provide the harmony that a photograph needs, especially if the shades you pick align with the overall palette. Flowers are powerful tools in interior photography adding colour, life and personality to any space. 


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Interior Stylist Meetu Swani

DP: What is an innovative trend you are most excited about?

MS: Biophilia design is a trend in sync with the ethos of promoting a connection to the natural world in interior spaces. It minimizes the impact on the environment by prioritising sustainability

Many product designers and artists today use materials like reclaimed wood, recycled yarns, bamboo, banana fibre, etc to create sustainable yet aesthetically beautiful furniture, art and accessories for spaces. Working with nature-inspired colour palettes, nature-inspired shapes, organic textures, and inviting and soulful materials would be exciting.

An example of layering with neutrals in a bedroom composed by Dhvani Shah Design Studio. (Image Credits: Pulkit Sehgal)

DP: What is a behind-the-scenes trick for photo shoots?

MS: Textures and layers can add depth and interest to any space. This can be done through textiles like rugs, cushions, throws and curtains. Always keep neutral throws and pillows with you. You never know when they come in handy to create a warm, inviting ambience.

In the background, you can glimpse a yakisugi art installation by Pooja Chamudiya. This room was crafted by Design Dimensions. (Image Credits: Kuber Shah)

DP: Name a Mumbai-based local artist that deserves more recognition.

MS: Pooja Chamudiya, an artist whose independent studio SELVES is an  exploration of clay and wood (yakisugi), ceaselessly churns out an assortment of sculptural décor. This one’s a winner!

The vase and art objects you can spot are by Copenhagen 101, sourced from Spacio, Mumbai and Kolkata. This room has been designed by Morph Lab. (Image Credits: Ishita Sitwala)

DP: Which is your favourite international design store?

MS: 101 Copenhagen for the beautiful confluence of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. The organic shapes and muted colours of each of their pieces lend to its timeless feel. Their sculptural pieces are quite versatile and blend well with many interior spaces.

This room was styled for a project by Morph Lab (Image credits: Ishita Sitwala)

DP: What is a lesser-known technique for creating visual harmony? 

MS: Remove anything that doesn’t add to the space and add elements one at a time until you build a look that works for you. Every piece needs to hold its own but also interact with all the other objects in the room to simulate balance. Another tip is to introduce diversity in textures when crafting a vignette and displaying your elements in groups of three (or any set of odd numbers).

The white vase by this bedside is from Freedom Tree. (Image Credits: Kuber Shah)

DP: Name a local sustainable brand that deserves more attention. 

MS: That would be Freedom Tree. They have developed a unique design language that’s quite endearing. At the same time, they prioritise sustainability through locally sourced or recycled materials. They feature a wide range of home décor pieces and accessories, furniture, furnishing, lighting, rugs, and crockery––all of them carry the signature of their incomparable quality and unique designs.

DP: Which are your favourite art and design destinations online?

MS: ‘The Artemist’ has many options in art prints, mixed media and paintings. They also curate and commission art for homes and offices. Also, ‘The House of Things’ boasts premium quality, thoughtfully curated furniture, and home décor that would enrich any living space.

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