Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat—5 Versatile Kids’ Bedrooms From Around The Country

  • 20 Feb '24
  • 2:43 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

Climb up and jump in! Welcome to the magical world of children’s bedrooms, where every corner is an adventure waiting to unfold. From playful decor and plush furnishings in Eden House to the rock climbing wall in The Chic Domicile, each bedroom on this list is a haven of fun and comfort. Crafted with care, these spaces prioritise ergonomic design while sparking imaginations. Whether it’s imaginative bed designs in Piedra Villa, clever storage solutions in Skyvilla, or the hand-painted jungle wall in Hued Home, these rooms raise the bar for nurturing and joyous spaces for your little one.

The FCML wooden flooring, Loops by Latika lively carpet, and the Kalakaari Haath wallpaper serve as a power-packed yet soothing background, while the Mother Gone Mad Design Studio’s hot air balloon lighting fixture, paired with accessories from H&M Home and Pottery Barn adds a sense of comfortable suave to the room. (Image credit: Ishita Sitwala)

#1 Eden House by Purple Backyard

Purple Backyard‘s skill in crafting airy and expansive spaces shines throughout Eden House. Expertly designed furniture and carefully selected textures invite your gaze to wander upward, where the ceiling’s subtle powder blue hue creates a calming atmosphere. The adventurous bed captures attention with its whimsical charm, while delightful touches like the hot air balloon lights and understated frames add to the room’s allure and functionality.

Onsite furniture with Hafele hardware, Boucle fabric from D’Decor, Ikea bed sheets, and Egger wooden flooring line the room with comfortable details. A customised wallpaper from Colour Magic and Asian Paints adds to the beauty further on. (Image credit: Sagar Mandal, Studio Colorblind)

#2 The Chic Domicile by Y:S Architects

Safe and super fun, Y:S Architects’ design boasts circles, spheres, and soft-cornered furniture, fostering a playful vibe. Against a serene white backdrop, the soft corners prioritise safety for young occupants while creating a soothing ambience. With subtle decor, vibrant colours, and engaging elements, the room offers comfort through plush upholstery and textures. Toddlers can have a blast exploring the rock climbing wall from the comfort of their room. Even the smallest details, like furniture legs and wardrobe handles, enhance the safety in this room.

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A custom-made den of pastel colours, along with the bed is created for the child, where a velvety rug by Expressions give a warm feeling to the space while some of the joyful features are from Pottery Barn Kids. (Image credit: Aasiya Jagadeesh)

#3 Piedra Villa by ELE Interiors

Designed by ELE Interiors, this space strikes a balance between functionality and style, aiming to create a cosy and inspiring environment for kids to unleash their imaginations. Sporting a neutral colour scheme, it sets a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for personal touches that adapt as the child grows. With soft upholstery in neutral, pink, and sage green tones, along with playful wallpaper accents, this spot is ideal for wholesome playtime. And let’s not overlook the herringbone wood flooring that brings the whole design together.

Customised on-site furniture and hardware, including Hettich and LP IntPro elements, are paired with upholstery and fabrics by Mantra Furnishings. A Class Marble flooring and ICA paint complete the vibrant kids’ room. (Image credit: Nilkanth Bharucha, Noaidwin Sttudio)

#4 Skyvilla by SCJ Architects & Interior Designers

Welcome to a paradise of blue hues where a super cool car bed attracts all the fun, infusing excitement and adventure into the space. Designed by the team at SCJ Architects, the soft edges and rounded furniture in this project are skillfully integrated, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere while ensuring functionality. Gentle curves on bed desks enhance visual appeal and prioritise child safety. With playful features, soft contours, and nature-inspired elements, this design achieves a harmonious balance, providing children with a captivating environment to sleep, play, and unleash their imagination.

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The wonderment of a jungle is painted on the walls by Artifest Craft on whose backdrop is the custom-made furniture, adorned with wooden flooring and comfortable bedding by Le’Dimora Home. (Image Credit: Nilkanth Bharucha, Noaidwin Sttudio)

#5 Hued Home by Caroline Braganza DesignLet’s bring the jungle indoors! The children’s room by Caroline Braganza Designs is a vibrant sanctuary where creativity and practicality intertwine effortlessly. The space is adorned with intriguing shapes and colours, inviting children to explore and discover. Wooden flooring adds a cosy touch to the open play area, exuding warmth and charm. A scene from the jungle is hand-painted on the accent wall, making it a beautiful and encouraging space for the child’s wonders.