A Guide To Mumbai’s Latest Bar Scene: 3 Must-Visit Spots

  • 3 Jan '24
  • 2:41 pm by Sana Chohan

Mumbai is ready to treat your taste buds with a gastronomic adventure like never before, courtesy of these sensational restaurants that have recently opened their doors. Hop on a post-work bar crawl or ease into a slow weekend soiree with carefully concocted cocktails and drool-worthy gastronomy set against the immersive interiors of these new bars, which elevate the city’s unmatched social scene. 

Starting at the freshly renovated Bastian to the bohemian chic vibes at Gigi and finally arriving at the nostalgic and charming CIRQA, this time’s DP Guide has got you covered. Whether it’s a dreamy escape or a journey back in time, these three bars offer a wide variety of cuisine, music and ambience. 

The lofty, untamed ceiling crafts an intricately shadowed sanctuary, and echoes the essence of Cappadocia’s caves. Image credits: Vinayak Grover

#1 Take It Up A Notch With Bastian 

Bastian is back in action after a three-month hiatus, and this time, it’s reaching for the stars. Perched on the 48th floor, ‘Bastian At The Top,’ in Dadar not only boasts jaw-dropping interiors but also offers panoramic views of the expansive sea that will sweep you off your feet. Designed by Minal Chopra of Ineedspace, this restaurant transports you to a realm of rustic elegance, bringing you an oasis that features a forest, a 39-foot plunge pool, and a Cappadocia-esque cave, all atop a high rise. 


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(Left) In the enchanting ‘Forest’ section of the restaurant, a quasi-lake unfolds—a mesmerising 39-foot plunge pool. (Right) the city’s pride, the Sea Link, gracefully frames the vast, uninterrupted sea views, Image credits: Vinayak Grover

While the interiors are an unmissable upgrade, this celebrity hotspot lives up to its promise with beautifully plated food. Elevating the experience with delectable offerings like the newly crafted crab roll, burrata salad, and classics such as the Mongolian lamb and pulled chicken taco. Treat your taste buds to picture-perfect desserts, including the indulgent lotus Kunafa cheesecake, the ever-popular pull-me-up hazelnut crunch, mille-feuille and more. The artfully reimagined bar program seamlessly fuses mixology and science, offering clarified cocktails, sparkling refreshments, and an intriguing Negroni section that adds a new dimension to the Bastian experience.


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The ground floor is a treasure trove of vintage charm, where exposed brick walls are elegantly framed by gilded mirrors and adorned with timeless accents. Image credits: Ashish Sahi

#2 Step Right Into Chic Nostalgia At Gigi, Bandra

Gigi, the sophisticated all-day cocktail bar and restaurant in Bandra, is ready to take you on a culinary journey through Japanese and European delights. If vintage vibes are your jam, Gigi is your go-to. With exposed brick walls and dimmed lights, this two-storey haven designed by Nikita Shahri oozes soft glamour and subdued elegance. We’re talking about understated luxury, elevated antiques, and effortlessly chic decor that would echo a mysterious vibe to your pictures. Nothing better than securing a spot at the PDR spaces, Eliot Room and Jade Room, where vintage charm gracefully marries modern sophistication. 

(Left) a sweeping wooden staircase illuminated with flickering candles leads you upstairs. (Right) the private dining space elevates the chic quotient with an artful display of knick-knacks and ceramics. Image credits: Ashish Sahi

Led by Chef Beena Noronha, the kitchen and mixology team conjures magic with signature cocktails like clarified Bloody Mary and culinary delights such as Aviator Salad and Ramen Lasagna. DIY your magic at the cocktail bar and indulge in the city’s freshest burrata, all while sinking into the 60’s scene. Gigi is not just a restaurant; it’s a feast for your eyes and heart. Whether you’re catching up over innovative cocktails, sipping on coffee, or relishing a fusion of East-meets-West flavours, this place is your ticket to the Prohibition Era with its Golden Age cocktails.


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Complementing the nostalgic architecture of the city with herringbone wood flooring and dark wooden furniture on the second-floor ‘anti-speakeasy’ bar. Image credits: CIRQA

#3 Tour The Cocktail-Forward Culture At CIRQA, Lower Parel 

Explore the vibrant cocktail culture of Mumbai at CIRQA, a haven where every sip tells a tale and every flavour is a global adventure. Step into the enchanting world within a world, a cocktail-forward bar seamlessly woven into the historic fabric of 1960s Mumbai. Envisioned by the dynamic duo Pankaj Gupta and Avinash Gupta, alongside the culture maven Adele de Fontbrune, this bar beckons refined drinkers into an anti-speakeasy setup that weaves a tapestry of mystery and timelessness. 

Designed by The Busride team, this standalone mill structure in Todi Mills transforms into a tribute to the romantic art deco styles of old Mumbai. The two-way bar, a romantic outdoor section, tall windows, a circular clock design, and lush foliage collectively create an atmosphere that turns back the hands of time. More than just a cocktail temple, CIRQA breaks the norm of hopping between places by offering a comprehensive drinking experience under one roof.

Tall windows, a circular clock design, exposed brick, and warm floorings hinted with foliage create the ideal atmosphere for a nostalgic journey in the stairwell. Image credits: CIRQA

The bar program, orchestrated by the maestros Louness Ducos and Agnieszka Rozenska, brings dangerously good mixology forward. Savour signature concoctions like the audacious ‘Shut The Duck Up,’ a duck fat washed cocktail with Cinzano Rosso, orange, pepper, and lavender tincture, or the subtly innovative ‘Sakura’s Punch,’ a gin-based marvel with grapefruit genmaicha shrub. Led by Chef Shannon Lawrence, the kitchen delivers chic and contemporary flavour bombs, from steamed jackfruit curry wontons to lobster tail bisque emulsion. 

With an unwavering focus on culinary artistry, sumptuous cocktails, and immersive spaces, these new establishments usher us into a realm where every sip and bite is an experiential journey.