From Concrete Chic To Tranquil Gardens: 5 Of Mumbai’s Hottest Dining Spots Unveiled

  • 5 Mar '24
  • 12:52 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

Mumbai is renowned as a culinary haven, with vibrant food scenes scattered throughout the cityscape. Being India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai accommodates, embraces, and encourages food from all corners of the world, and serves them with aesthetics and appeal. This DP list features a visual cocktail of influences in Ode, the heritage of India at Bawri, a tranquil paradise of healthy food in Sukoon, a mighty beast of Asian, and Chinese cultures in PF Chang’s, and a special mention in the list of hospitality experiences with Papa’s.

The dynamism of the grey colour, along with the ingenious spatial planning and textures, Ode promises a wholesome dining experience. (Image credit: Sunhil Sippy)

#1 Ode: A Chef’s Poem To Nostalgia And Culinary Cultures

Ode is a heartfelt emotion, conveyed in the form of Chef Rahul Akerkar’s culinary expertise and Aditya Birla New Age Hospitality’s earnest attempt to pay homage to the power of food in bringing communities together. Designed by Samira Rathod of SRDA, the space displays the dynamism of concrete interiors, strikingly taut, warm, and welcoming. The palette is a rich, simple sonnet of raw materials like tile, cement, stone, leather, wood, and terrazzo. The architect beautifully translates the chef’s food philosophy by creating a large community table, a lounge area by the bar, and an open kitchen setup that runs the length of the dining room creating a mesmerising, plant-laden al fresco dining area.

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Chef Rahul Akerkar’s masterful knowledge of flavours and ingredients is sure to leave a mark on your appetite. (Image credit: Sunhil Sippy)

Chef Akerkar meticulously curates the menu at Ode, infusing it with his personal touch and signature style of refined cuisine. Drawing from his mixed Maharashtrian and European heritage, he takes diners on a nostalgic journey through dishes and beverages that reflect his culinary inspirations, with a focus on vegetarian options and house-made pasta and bread.  Notable highlights include ‘The Best Damn Tarte Tartin!’ and drinks feature unique ingredients such as kokum and red bell peppers, further enriching the Ode experience.

The 4500 sq ft. space features central bar seating, intimate two-person seating, communal tables, built-ins, and arched cane envelopes with floor-level seating. (Image credit: Lost and Hungry)

#2 Bawri: India-Forward Design At BKC

Bawri emerges as a raw, earthy, and tropical experience It is a luxuriously expansive culinary sanctuary that resonates with the timeless essence of Indian traditions. The restaurant owes its quality to the cohesive efforts of Founder Sahil Sambhi, chef Amninder Sandhu, and collaborators Muninder Chowdhary and Vishakha Chowdhary, who have meticulously crafted the 130-cover restaurant. The overarching theme of India-forward design is palpable, evident in features like reclaimed teak accents and hand-woven carpets from Jaipur, which infuse the interiors with captivating allure. Noteworthy elements include the open-fire kitchen, privately commissioned panels adorned with India-inspired hand-illustrated artworks and a Rajasthani step-well or ‘baori’ inspired wall.

Borrowing the concept from chef Amninder Sandhu’s heritage, the Hara Matar Kulcha and Makhni Jus make a majestic entry into Bawri’s menu. (Image credit: Lost and Hungry)

The menu showcases generations-old heirloom recipes, lovingly passed down to Chef Amninder Sandhu by friends and family, reflecting her rich heritage and culinary adventures around India. The appetisers offer a captivating glimpse into India’s diverse culinary landscape. As for the cocktails, Bawri draws inspiration from obscure and everyday fruits across India. Embracing centuries-old techniques of infusing and crafting local spirits, the cocktail menu presents an eclectic array of India-forward concoctions, celebrating the vibrant flavours and cultural heritage of the subcontinent.


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The stone bar, adorned with a delightful array of Kombucha and healthy beverages, completes the holistic experience, deliberately absent alcohol. (Image credit: Onesoul Life)

#3 Sukoon: An Offer Of Healthy Eating You Can’t RefuseSukoon is a vegetarian, vegan, and satvik restaurant that offers an all-rounded experience of tranquillity—from the elegant Kansa and copper crockery to the stone bar and bare walls, to potted trees and fresh grass to walk on, Sukoon stands true to its name. This paradise in Bandra is envisioned by the founder, Suren Joshi, and Mumbai-based interior designer Vidhi Gohil.

Going with the namesake, Sukoon offers delightful food options that make peace with your mind and body alike. (Image credit: Onesoul Life)

Chef Tanvi Shah, guided by Chef Richard D’Souza, is the creative force behind Sukoon’s culinary offerings, and she extends her invitation for you to experience a taste of the past through meticulously selected organic ingredients. From soulful breakfast options like the Sourdough Toast, and Ragi Dosa to sumptuous mains like Wild Mushroom Congee, Sukoon offers something treasurable—the beauty of healthy yet sumptuous vegan food.

The dragon, the cherry blossom, and the authentic motifs—P.F. Chang’s is a visual delight. (Image credit: Assad Dadan)

#4 PF Chang’s: Indian Embraces The Iconic Asian Chain

Step into an Asian paradise at P.F. Chang’s, the newest global premium dining concept in Mumbai. The design deploys signature elements, including swirling cascades of pink cherry blossoms and a palette of black, gold, and plush red upholstery. Stunning murals, sculptural features, and an iconic golden horse at the entrance heighten the immersion into the world of Asian flavours. Principal architects, Zebra Designs, UAE, have seamlessly brought this vision to life.

The delicious vegetarian, Jain, and non-vegetarian options made in authentic Asian food preparation methods add to the overall culinary experience at P.F. Chang’s. (Image credit: Assad Dadan)

Jerry Thomas, Culinary Lead at Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd, is dedicated to the art of wok cooking at P.F. Chang’s. Their signature dishes like Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Dynamite Shrimp, are renowned for their exquisite flavours. Additionally, Chef Thomas has introduced new vegetarian and Jain options, maintaining culinary excellence while catering to diverse preferences. 

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Carefully curated lighting and warm wood tones cast a Wes Anderson-esque filter over the entire Papa’s experience. (Image credit: Hunger Inc. Hospitality)

#5 Papa’s: An Intimate Dinner At The Chef’s Table

Papa’s is a one-of-a-kind 12-seater fine dining haven above Veronica’s, helmed by Chef Hussain, a trailblazing next-gen culinary artist reshaping India’s food scene. Papa’s, the latest jewel in Asia’s culinary crown, fearlessly redefines the boundaries of Indian cuisine and fine dining, offering a daring reinterpretation of its comforting flavours and forms. Rethinking traditional fine dining formalities, Papa’s channels the inviting ambiance of a 1980s-style Mumbai home, exuding the intimate, old-world charm of a Bandra residence.

The Chhena Poda (with comte, and caviar) represents the in-house expertise in combinations and ingredients, along with supreme visual aesthetics. (Image credit: Hunger Inc. Hospitality)

Designed by the upbeat visionary Shonan Purie Trehan, Founder and Principal Architect of Studio Language Architecture, Papa’s interiors are adorned with captivating knick-knacks and art deco memorabilia. By redefining how diverse flavours can be elevated and experienced, the tasting-menu-style meal is peppered with Hussain’s anecdotes about origins, ingredients, and inspirations. Guests can savour lesser-known Indian ingredients like fresh Jaipur winter peas and Weaver ants from Odisha, alongside cocktails featuring offbeat ingredients such as clam juice and charred capsicum. Papa’s wine list caters to both connoisseurs and enthusiasts.