Sculpting Simplicity: Ahmedabad’s House Of Curves Accentuates Organic Forms With Clever Design

  • 2 May '24
  • 5:38 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

The House of Curves in Ahmedabad, crafted by Terra Firma, epitomises the praxis of architectural and design knowledge in completely transforming spaces. Situated in a peaceful Ahmedabad neighbourhood, the 4,500-square-foot bungalow was designed by co-founders Netra Bafna Majithiya and Hitarth Majithiya of Terra Firma. They transform the graceful curvature of the walls into a tranquil atmosphere using a neutral colour palette and high-quality materials.

From the beginning, the curvature of its perimeter walls has been the defining aspect of this project as it dictates the arrangement and flow of furniture within. Existing architectural details are preserved, while new elements are seamlessly integrated to rejuvenate the space. Having previously resided in this house with flashy interiors, the clients wanted a departure from the previous aesthetic, seeking a new, soothing, and tranquil spatial experience. Some elements of the existing space are retained and thoughtfully integrated, while others are introduced and merged seamlessly to breathe new life into the interiors. The design is not imposed upon the architecture, instead, it allows the house’s unique features to map the aesthetic direction. Splashes of blue, grey, and green are strategically introduced to create distinct focal points and enhance the overall ambience Within this space of beige and white, they also ensure that each room is distinguished.

The living room creates a welcoming ambience, featuring a sofa, planter, and centre table from All About Living, wall sculptures from Claymen, and a cosy carpet from Atelier Textile Epic. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The house spans across two floors with a basement area that has been converted into a home theatre. The original architectural details, such as the silver foil wall panelling in the double-volume living space and the iconic Statuario marble flooring, are thoughtfully preserved, serving as a backdrop for the newly acquired furnishings: like the white boucle fabric-covered extensive sofa and an elaborate dining table with a stone top.


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The crockery unit from KOIL, Quartz by Kalinga Stone, beautifully harmonising sculptures by Claymen and All About Living, with organically shaped lighting from All About Living, establish a visual link between the dining area and the kitchen. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

Delving deeper into the unexplored possibilities of architectural curves on the ground floor, the striking pooja space unfolds seamlessly from existing columns, embellished with stone strip panelling and delicate brass inlays. This thoughtful design accentuates the organic essence of the house’s curved corners, enriching its overall aesthetic. Positioned at the heart of the home, it stands as a majestic centrepiece, its solid stone structure harmoniously interacting with the surrounding space, creating a serene and sacred atmosphere.

The oven and chimney from Siemens seamlessly merge with the textured paint by Oikos Paint and flooring by Classic Marble Company with luxurious kitchen solutions from Gaggenau. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The dining area undergoes a captivating transformation, transitioning from a full-height window to a horizontal slit window to accommodate functional shelves and storage units. The design crescendos with a stunning brass sheet delicately curved to create an exquisite backdrop for the basin, adding a touch of elegance to the space. Continuity is seamlessly achieved through subtle hints of green undertones and meticulously chosen cushions and artwork, subtly evoking the essence of nature throughout the room.


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The primary suite features gracefully curved curtains from Atelier Textile Epic, marble flooring by Stoneyc, and bedding from Atelier Textile Epic, and All About Living, uniting seamlessly with the space’s inherent curves. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

On the ground floor, the primary suite serves as the master bedroom. An entirely upholstered bed, with a blend of wood, Italian marble, and fluted glass textures, creates a harmonious ambience. The surrounding windows are elegantly adorned with neutrally shaded sheer and solid curtains from Atelier Textile Epic, imparting a soft backdrop to the space. A notable feature in this room is a small linear window covered by a sliding cloth artwork instead of a curtain that breathes life into the room’s aesthetic.

The daughter’s bedroom delights in a vibrant and harmonious colour scheme, a result of the rugs and bedding from Atelier Textile Epic, veneer from The Wood Element, curtains from Drape Shoppe, with lighting from Futura Lighting, and artwork from Calcuttan. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

Going upstairs, the daughter‘s bedroom embraces a minimalist ethos while radiating an inviting aura. Thoughtful details such as upholstered beds and inventive headboard alternatives contribute to its serene ambience. The harmonious interplay of beige, white, and wood imbues the space with a timeless elegance. Above the bed, a wooden rod extends horizontally from the wall, serving as a base for a series of beige back cushions that create a distinctive and visually captivating alternative to traditional headboards. A curved beige sofa adorns the space, offering a cosy retreat for lounging. The curves create a seamless connection between the bathroom and bedroom creating an enclave of relaxation and soft luxury.


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The daughter’s bathroom is instantly elevated with the striking tensile shower light from Futura Lighting, sleek bathroom fittings by Grohe, and fixtures by Villeroy & Boch–the focal point of the space which presents a clean and cohesive design. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The bathroom is a delightful oasis—a sanctuary for rejuvenation boasting a vibrant and playful colour palette of pink and white, accented by innovative design touches such as conically shaped lights. Positioned thoughtfully beside east and south-facing windows, the bathroom basks in ample natural light, creating an atmosphere of brightness and warmth throughout the day. 

The chair and centre table from All About Living, curtains from Drape Shoppe, carpet, and sofa adornments by Atelier Textile Epic, and artwork by artist Jay Vaghela, create a tranquil arena for the entertainment room and lounge. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The sun-drenched semi-open balcony on the first floor transitions into a chic lounge and entertainment retreat. Bathed in the gentle glow of east-facing windows, the space is suffused with soft, natural light, enhancing the understated elegance of its grayscale, black, and green colour palette. Embracing a minimalist ethos, the lounge area is adorned with only essential furnishings—a curated selection of accent chairs and a sleek centre table, augmented by a versatile sofa-cum-bed and an artful sculptural piece. A visually striking grid ceiling gracefully mirrors the contours of the walls, ensuring a seamless sense of continuity throughout the space.


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In the guest bedroom, the bed back and curtains are sourced from Drape Shoppe, bedding from Atelier Textile Epic, veneer from The Wood Element, and sculptures and artwork from All About Living and artist Jay Vaghela, infusing the space with a refreshing wave of style and sophistication. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The guest bedroom emerges as a refreshing wave of vibrancy within the house’s colour scheme. Its captivating flooring is a harmonious blend of beige and green marble. Skillfully intertwining elements of antiquity and modernity, the design pays homage to the refurbished old side tables, artfully paired with a lively green-blue bed backdrop. This cheerful palette finds further expression through a curated selection of art to complete the space.

The home theatre area exudes luxury with its opulent fittings and furnishings. This space is like the cherry at the bottom of this decadent home, featuring recliners from Little Nap Recliners, a sound system from Bowers & Wilkins, lights from Nirvana, and a carpet from Atelier Textile Epic. (Image Credit: MKG Studios)

The home theatre space undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, transcending its basement confines to deliver an experience akin to watching a movie under the open sky. Leveraging the intimacy of the basement with its low ceiling, the cosy home theatre emerges from what was once a mere storage area.

 The black acoustic ceiling captivates with its concealed beams strategically punctuated to allow for gentle, indirect lighting of over a hundred optic lights embedded within the ceiling. Complementing the craftsmanship of the ceiling, the walls curve gracefully and are adorned with meticulously balanced panels of patterned green cloth. Terra Firma’s design philosophy allows the house’s unique features to shine, creating a tranquil haven harmonised by curves and curated details.