5 Workplaces That Embrace Alluring Themes And A Higher Work-Life Balance

  • 24 Apr '24
  • 5:37 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

In our fast-paced lives, we spend a significant portion of our day within office spaces. In the past few years, a shift in office trends and work culture has resulted in a transformation of office dynamics, transitioning from traditional to modern, from rigid formalities to welcoming collaborative spaces. This evolution in perspective has naturally extended to the interior design of these spaces. Considered a pivotal aspect, emphasis is now placed on crafting an ambience that prioritises comfort and functionality. In this evolving era of office design, a plethora of styles emerge, each with its distinct purpose: ranging from the Modern Rustic aesthetic to Mid Century, Scandinavian, Industrial, and even Parisian Chic flair, they all offer distinctive wellsprings of inspiration.

#1 A Modern Rustic Workplace By The Rough Book

Asian Paints provides the paint finishes, Patronik Lightings supplies the circular ring profile light, and Glo Panels Ltd. contributes the terracotta bricks, while most of the other materials, textures, and finishes are locally sourced and customised. (Image Credit: Dhrupad Shukla)

Money[plant], a financial advisor’s office, envisioned by the principal architects Ishwari Desai and Aanup Rajendra of The Rough Book in Belagavi transcends traditional office paradigms with its innovative design ethos. Occupying 1050-square-foot, this space seamlessly merges financial advisory services with a café-like ambience through an efficient floor plan and serene aesthetics.

Conceived as a fusion of financial advisory office and café ambience, the space painted in Asian Paints artfully melds into an open studio, fostering dynamic social interactions which is further conceptually choreographed by introducing a central cylindrical form. (Image Credit: Dhrupad Shukla)

At the office’s core lies the captivating cylindrical structure, guiding visitors subtly with a delicately sliced axis. This centrepiece curves gracefully to offer seating on one side and complete the reception area on the other. A curved wall creates privacy between the reception area and offices, transforming into a waiting alcove with integrated seating against terracotta brick-clad walls. Ahead of this, a discussion nook encourages collaborative exchanges. Workstations, including a reception zone and MD cabin, complement the central space. An exposed concrete wall demarcates the service area, while a discreet pantry ensures visual continuity. A suspended ring light casts a mesmerising radiance, unifying the space harmoniously.

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#2 A Mid-Century Modern Zen Den by Rasneet Anand Design

DesignBee Furnitures and Chair Factory provides other office chairs, Rasneet Anand Design creates bespoke furniture, Material Immaterial supplies decorative objects, and Jaipur Rugs delivers the rug in the mid-century modern zen den. (Image Credit: Yadnyesh Joshi)

A meticulously designed 1200-square-foot mid-century modern office located in Mumbai, curated by Rasneet Anand from Rasneet Anand Design, embodies a sophisticated blend of clean lines and serene aesthetics. Employing a palette of neutral Zen tones, the space achieves a harmonious fusion of functionality and tranquillity, offering an oasis of calm amidst the bustling cityscape. This sleek and ergonomic workspace incorporates essential areas such as a reception, a formal conference room, an informal meeting room, workstations, MD cabins, and a discreet service section housing the filing room, pantry, and washrooms. The design language emphasises simplicity, sophistication, and a calming ambience, for the space to transform into an open and well-lit office environment.

Nestled at the far end of the office’s linear layout, this cabin offers maximum privacy amidst the bustling workspace. Featuring neutral tones of grey walls and bold black marble table tops, the space exudes contemporary sophistication. Warm wood flooring offsets the cool tones, creating a welcoming ambience. (Image Credit: Yadnyesh Joshi)

Aiding the Zen theme, the concrete undertones, exemplified by grey marble floors, harmonise with the subdued teak storage cabinets and fluted partitions, enhancing the elegance of the limewash grey-painted walls. The workspace overlooks the bustling beginning of the office, featuring essential areas such as the server room, reception and meeting room. Meticulously arranged workstations create a conducive environment for productivity and teamwork. Each workstation is carefully designed to improve workflow and communication, promoting efficiency and teamwork, thus enhancing collaboration within the workspace.

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#3 A Scandinavian Dream Office by The Auburn Studio

The MD cabin boasts a standout bright accent wall in deep orange, exuding vibrancy. A luxurious workstation table with marble leg details elevates the room’s aesthetic with sophistication. (Image Credit: Yash Jain)

Spanning 3200 sq. ft. in Indiranagar, Bangalore this new office embodies a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the collaborative efforts of Vivek Krishnan, a client with a photography business and Sushmitha Ramesh, Principal Architect at The Auburn Studio in creating a space that seamlessly integrates professional productivity with artistic flair. Ramesh meticulously undertakes the design of Vivek Krishnan’s new wedding photography office which houses a prominent team of professional photographers.

A serene white office painted in Asian Paints accommodates the custom-made furniture, Ikea and H&M Home decor and plants, and complementing lighting fixtures from Lightscapes Creations, on the subtle floors provided by Armstrong Flooring. (Image Credit: Yash Jain)

The office, with its expansive floor area bathed in abundant sunlight, complements the fresh colours used throughout, boasting a core colour scheme revolving around pristine white, creating a clean and airy foundation. To infuse warmth and elegance into the space, light wood accents are introduced, establishing a harmonious connection to nature while enhancing the overall ambience. Divided into two distinct zones to cater to varying needs, it features a formal workstation area with wooden flooring and white tables for a professional ambience, alongside an informal workstation area with white flooring and vibrant carpets, fostering a dynamic atmosphere. The predominant colour scheme revolves around a clean, crisp white palette adorned with verdant green accents, instilling a sense of calm and serenity while embodying the essence of weddings through bursts of earthy Indian wedding colours, without veering into excessive extravagance.

#4 A Sunbathed Industrial Oasis by Workers of Art

The sunbathed industrial oasis is designed with flooring tiles from Nexion, furniture from Spin and lighting fixtures from Spoon Lights. (Image Credit: Ishita Sitwala)

Situated within a commercial building in Cochin, Kerala, the Co Orbit Office Space is the brainchild of Priya Rose, Co-Founder of Workers Of Art. This workspace exudes a retro-futuristic vibe, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the ’90s, particularly from Jetsons and Star Wars-inspired spatial solutions. With a clear directive to craft a workspace that offers a unique and exclusive spatial experience, Priya aims to balance vibrancy with subtlety, ensuring the design doesn’t overpower. The primary goal was to create a workspace that naturally captivates individuals, blending open and closed areas. This approach facilitates fluid communication and intuitive movement throughout the space, optimising every inch.

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The Co Orbit Office Space is fitted with a curvilinear stepped seating area unfurls, serving as a hub for communal activities and seminars, thus forging a harmonious transition from the external hustle to a collaborative enclave. (Image Credit: Ishita Sitwala)

Visitors are greeted by a welcoming double-height reception area, characterised by curved design elements that naturally guide them inward, setting the tone for the collaborative atmosphere. Adjacent to this space, a curved stepped seating area serves as a focal point for communal activities and seminars, smoothly transitioning visitors from the external environment to an interactive enclave. The architectural emphasis on curves not only enhances visual appeal but also facilitates seamless transitions between spaces, promoting organic flow. Moving beyond the reception area, the workspace accommodates 200 employees with a variety of functional areas, including meeting rooms, cabins, open spaces, kitchens, amphitheatres, and lounges. Community tables and amphitheatre spaces are strategically placed throughout, encouraging communication and fostering innovation, embodying the ethos of a dynamic “place of possibility.”

#5 Parisian Chic Workfloor by Azure Interiors

The Parisian Chic theme comes through with furniture from Nivasa, wooden flooring from FMCL coated by Greenhart Floors, lighting from Hybec and artwork from Home Artisan. (Image Credit: Suryan Dang)

A workspace with flair tailored for a construction company takes shape in Azure Interiors’ recent endeavour by founders Ruchi Gehani and Rashi Bothra.  The space successfully deviates from conventional office aesthetics, making way for the Parisian Chic. The interiors radiate an air of sophistication with its pristine white backdrop accented by gentle pastel hues, classical design elements, and curated vintage embellishments, evoking a sense of refinement and timeless elegance. The use of timeless materials like fluted glass and artisanal cane in furniture and wall panelling infuses the environment with a warm vintage vibe, complemented by carefully selected plants that refresh the air and soften the interiors.

A corridor design that whispers of minimalist grace: long French doors bring a vintage allure with their golden knobs, set against calming grey walls. The touch of black and white in the wall art from Home Artisans ties everything together, weaving a blend of classic and contemporary tales at first glance. (Image Credit: Suryan Dang)

The bright and airy atmospheres optimise functionality and organisation for day-to-day tasks. Diverse work areas – cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and break-out spaces – feature distinct décor and furnishings meticulously designed by Home Artisan. The micro cement flooring by Greenhart Floors serves as a chic and neutral backdrop with brass inlay directions on the floor adding a captivating feature. Classical mouldings and knobs on cabinets introduce rich details, complemented by black and white photographs of bridges from construction sites, adding character and a personalised touch. Plush soft furnishings showcase sophisticated patterns and textures that harmonise with Nivasa’s furniture curves and muted colour scheme.

Each office space envisions an ideal for their business and often an easy way to convey this is through their interior design. With each space, the designers have taken great care to convey the core message while creating a warm and collaborative atmosphere for the employees. 

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