05 Apr 2014 | Crew
Make Room For Marriage!
28 Feb 2014 | Crew
Design Pataki Picks: Top 5 Restaurants in Bombay

We loved the response we got for our post on the top 5 stores in the city. So fuelled by Read More »

15 Jan 2014 | Crew
Trend Alert for 2014!
08 Jan 2014 | Crew
Design Pataki Picks: Top 5 Stores in Bombay

  Are you from the variety that thinks that Bombay doesn’t have enough beauty? While we may not have enough Read More »

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04 Sep 2013 | Crew
Ishana – The Holistic Experience

The Healing Pool One is lured into Ishana right from the very outset, with a warm Namaskaram resonating across Indian Read More »

07 Jun 2013 | Crew
Hathigaon by RMA Architects
02 Mar 2013 | Crew
The Indian, The Greek & The Modern – Planet 3 Studios

Reception Area The RPG headquarters had Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo, Planet 3 Studio redesign the Reception, Recreation & Training Read More »

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