5 New Restaurants In Bangalore, 2024: A Dreamy Escape, Craft Beers and Golf, Music-Inspired Bars And A Jamie Oliver Outpost

As the city explores new immersive dining experiences, craft beer, Top Golf, music nostalgia and boho-chic Vibes become a part of Bangalore’s F&B repertoire.

  • 30 May '24
  • 1:49 pm by Manisha AR

A city in perpetual flux, famed for its dreamy weather, and relaxed pub culture, Bangalore is currently experiencing a rebirth with immersive dining experiences. While breweries remain an evergreen investment, newer more nuanced experiences are entering the mix. Global and domestic hospitality brands have opened outposts bringing in curated experiences and an elevated fine dining experience to a city that tends to pick its favourites quickly and rarely ventures beyond its selected mix. DP curates a guide to Bangalore’s expanding pub culture for the novice and the veteran F&B connoisseur. This guide includes a brewery, a dreamy escape perfect for brunch, a Top Golf course with x and more. 

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The tribal-inspired detailing on the walls and floor with their ceramic decor pieces creates a dreamy experience. (Image credits: Gokul Rao Kadam)

#1 Bastian

Surrounded by lush greenery, Bastian Garden City has brought the spirit of a chic holiday to an unsuspecting corner of St Marks’ Road in Bangalore. Designed by Minal Chopra, Bastian draws inspiration from the boho-chic vibes of Tulum, the serenity of a holiday in Thailand and the sweet memories of a night well spent on vacation. The tribal-inspired print that adorns the walls and flooring complements the bohemian touches of taupe, feathers, and woven roof covers. Spread across two floors, with a soaring bar, two courtyard spaces and one large open interior space, Bastain is currently one of the best spots to catch a sunset. 

The food and drink menu at Bastian translates the holiday spirit flawlessly. (Image credits: Gokul Rao Kadam)

Backed by a stellar F&B team, the food and drink menu translates the holiday spirit flawlessly. Their ‘Mango Ceviche’ and ‘Avocado Poke’ are perfect for the summer and pair well with the Baño Picante Cocktail or the Mojo Tropicana Mocktail. The bar menu is backed with intricate mixology techniques that work with clear and darker spirits. Other highlights include the ‘Grilled Chicken Taco,’ ‘Vegan Mango Thai Pudding,’ and the ‘Pull Up Cake.’ The dreamy decor, and the relaxed, sunlit ambience pair well with some smooth cocktails and delicious small plates is an easy way to recreate a dream vacation experience. They currently offer lunch and dinner seating– by reservation for large parties but will soon host brunch seating too. 

#DPLoves-  The dreamy vacation vibes make it the perfect spot to come here for brunch or before sunset to enjoy the cocktails and a refreshing selection of small plates. 


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Natural lighting and biophilic design are some of the key design features of Kling Brewery. (Image credits: Kling Brewery)

#2 Kling Brewery  

Another feather in the city’s brewery hat, Kling brings craft beer to the heart of Bangalore. Located in a prime spot on Church Street, patrons can opt for a more intimate evening in their courtyard seating, or indoor seating, or engage in some people-watching while sipping a cocktail or chasing pints. With a vaulted ceiling made of terra-cotta brick and a lime-plastered wall, the open design that spotlights the bar creates an inviting ambience akin to open cafes and bars in European cities with warmer weather. Designed by architect Ajinkya Unhale of UnEarth Studio, the traditional slate-clad floors are a refreshing departure from F&B spaces that work within boundaries to create an ambience rather than blend with an outdoor environment. 

The traditional slate-clad floors are a refreshing departure from F&B spaces that work within boundaries to create an ambience rather than blend with an outdoor environment.
(Image credits: Kling Brewery)

The 40-foot-long bar made of Indian natural stone, the views of the brew house, the lush garden and the mood lighting make this a great stop after a long day of shopping or ideal for a post-work drink given its central location. Their menu has a blend of tandoor offerings, classic Continental dishes and Pan-Asian cuisines. If you are a veteran pub connoisseur this one is worth a visit for its relaxed vibes. 

#DPLoves: The open design that seamlessly blends the outdoor spaces of Church Street with the indoor designs of Kling Brewery.  


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Prime Golf in Whitefield blends the best of leisure and sport: drinking beer and playing golf at “Asia’s largest microbrewery.” (Image credits: Prime Golf)

#3 Prime Golf 

As the city experiences better connectivity through the quickly developing metro line, many suburbs of Bangalore have become increasingly accessible. This development has also resulted in an interesting mix of restaurant experiences in various parts of the city instead of having them all concentrated in the centre. Prime Golf in Whitefield blends the best of leisure and sport: drinking beer and playing golf at “Asia’s largest microbrewery.” While it is popular among Bangaloreans, there aren’t many courses and places to enjoy good match play. Spread over rough 3.5 acres, Prime Golf offers craft beers, creative cocktails, and sumptuous plates alongside rounds of golf. Designed by Sunita Reddy of Acme Designers, the interiors take inspiration from the golf course while keeping the ambience casual and relaxed. 

At Prime Golf, they are currently serving a selection of six distinct craft beers, chic cocktails and sumptuous food offerings. (Image credits: Prime Golf)

The founding team at Prime Golf is committed to breaking out of the tradition of exclusivity in golf and making it more accessible by providing trained professionals to assist patrons as they experience state-of-the-art facilities.  The menu is a blend of Pan-Asian, Continental and innovative adaptations of popular South Indian foods like the Ghee Roast, Chettinad Chicken, and a variety of sumptuous tandoor options. The brewery presently offers six distinct craft brews that range from orange peels with spices to a tropical pineapple-passion fruit blend. Over weekends the space hosts family-friendly events that go the extra mile with immersive experiences. The space is also equipped with an LED screen that is great for catching sporting events. A multi-functional space, they can seat up to 1500 people! 

#DPLoves: The craft brews and the beginner-friendly top golf course. The space will soon open a full-fledged golf course as well. 

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The kitchen is a more casual dining experience with a menu that showcases the best recipes of the renowned British chef. (Image credits: Jamie Oliver Kitchen)

#4 Jamie Oliver Kitchen 

Every home chef has experienced the thrill of whipping up a Jamie Oliver recipe. While the recipes are easy to follow, it’s the English panache with which the celebrity delivers them that’s hard to get right. However, the popular chain has finally made its way to India with an outpost in Indiranagar. Jamie Oliver Kitchen takes its global presence seriously and embraces this in its menu and flavour profile. Launched in 2019, Jamie Oliver Kitchen is an international brand under the Jamie Oliver Restaurants umbrella. Designed by M Singh Saggu & Associates or MSSA, the space blends biophilic design with neutral hues

The Moreish Mushroom Pizza at The Jamie Oliver Kitchen. (Image credits: Jamie Oliver Kitchen)

The kitchen is a more casual dining experience with a menu that showcases the best recipes of the renowned British chef. Ranging from European classics to Middle Eastern, South American, and Asian cuisine— the menu has options for both kids and adults. “Creating the menu was a really brilliant process – working with my food team, exploring the recipes my amazing Indian audience has loved most over the years and collaborating with our chefs in Bengaluru to bring some local magic, too,” says chef Jamie Oliver on opening the fifth outpost in India. The space is designed to be a relaxed verdant space tucked away on the busy streets of Indiranagar. Interspersed with bright pops of colour, it serves as the perfect cosy backdrop for a deeply satisfying Jamie Oliver signature dish.

#DPLoves: The menu offers a range of global flavours with the signature Jamie Oliver touch. 

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The checkered floor, the gold accentuated decor, the neon lighting and the quirky addition of tape recorders as decor at the Radio Bar is an ode to the pre-streaming era of music.
(Image credits: Radio Bar)

#5 Radio Bar 

Mumbai’s Radio Bar opens its Bangalore counterpart in Bellandur offering an ode to the pre-streaming era of music. Designed by Mehak Kapoor of Istaka, the space highlights the charm of retro music, the space is filled with CDs and cassettes as decor. Led by Aspect Hospitality Group, this is one of three Radio Bars in India. For those unfamiliar, the city has a complicated relationship with live music and the regulations that govern live music acts in the city– it’s a careful dance. The emergence of Radio Bar promises to be a platform for live music and performances that support homegrown and emerging acts. 

The menu at Radio Bar is a blend of global and Indian cuisines for the modern diner who enjoy small plates that pair well with cocktails. (Image credits: Radio Bar)

Their menu ranges between Indian and Asian with tantalising twists on homegrown popular street foods, Radio has something for one & all.  Irani Keema Pav, Creamy Paprika Mushroom Bruschetta, Makai Chana Shami Tikka and Zaffrani Paneer Tikka. Their bar offerings include wordplay on music and local references– ‘Billie Gin’, ‘Tequira Tequira’ and ‘Kokum Together. ’Other themes that stand out in the space are the checkered floors, vintage curved bar counters, quirky neon lights and sleek furniture that are a subtle nod to the art-deco aesthetics of performance venues. 

#DPLoves: The tape recorder and cassettes are a clever design touch as are the small plate and drink pairings—both ideal for large groups of music enthusiasts.